Rheindahlen Branch

Rheindahlen Branch AGM 7 November 2017

Our Branch Office is located in the in building 210 in Ayrshire Barracks;

560 Gladbacher Str, 41179 Mönchengladbach


EMail address:- rheind@outlook.com.

You can also contact the Secretary, Francine Garratt on Telephone 02161-400988 or Mobile : 01522-1804954

The office offers the following services:

  • Welfare assistance and help with writing important correspondence relating to welfare support, as necessary.


We can be contacted by post at:

Rheindahlen Branch e.V.
The Royal British Legion
Postfach 50 02 32
41172 Mönchengladbach


Advice and assistance is also available by contacting the Duty Member between 10.00 and 15.00 hrs each weekday. The Duty Member will give advice and assistance personally or guide you to the right person(s) for further help. The contact mobile number is:

0152 0712 9981.



Branch Chairman                     Lt.Col. (Ret'd) Chris Everett

Branch President                     Col (Ret'd) Steve Owen OBE

Branch Vice Chairman              Father James Crofts

Branch Treasurer                     Chris Farrell

Branch Secretary                     Francine Garratt

Poppy Appeal Co-Ordinator       Dave Marsh

Membership Secretary              Dick Simmons

Branch Padre                           Rev. James Crofts

Welfare Officer                         Open, but please contact the Secrectary

                                               in the interim period

Committee Member                  Eldon James

Committee Member                  Mike Garratt



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