Poppy Appeal

The Poppy Appeal in Redcar




Redcar Branch has shown its fundraising skills by once again improving on its Poppy Appeal total. We've topped £26,422.80 passing last year's (2011/12) final total of £25836.32.

So well done everybody, and a big Thank You to all the people of Redcar who have been so generous again.

Navy Cadets ,Army Cadets & Air Training Corp collected in Redcar High Street for three saturdays and they raise £5,297.79. 

Navy Cadets won both the Darren Budd & Green Howards Trophies by Raising the most money for the Poppy Appeal by any Cadet Force over the three weekends and also for the most collected by two individual cadets over the same period, £2,846.78 was raised by them in three days.

The Two Navy Cadets names are J Farrar & J fish Raising £1,164.06.

We recieved an envelope through the letter Box with a bankers draft for the sum of £10.000 ,we do not know who sent the cheque it was'nt signed by the doner it only had the bank tellers name on it.

The Branch and I sent a thank you letter to the local press to be published on our behalf, thanks to the person/persons who donated the cheque and how it would help the serving and ex services men and women of the armed forces.

This year we used G4S to collect our Poppy Money instead of taking it to the bank in the back of the chairmans car.


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