Poppy Appeal

The Poppy Appeal in Paphos

2014/15 The Paphos Branch in its first year raised €9120.18 for the Poppy Appeal Breakdown of 2014/15 collection

2015/16  €10,045.66 was raised for the Poppy Appeal

2016/17  €13,283.28 was raised for the Poppy Appeal

2017/18 €18,284.70 was raised for the Poppy Appeal

2018/19 €19,714.36 was raised for the Poppy Appeal

2019/20 €14,600 was raised exceeding the target by €4,600

2020/21 €10,587.92 has been raised which exceeds the target by €587.92

The Paphos Branch would like to say a big thank you to the generous people of the Paphos District for their continued support.

Poppy People

Anyone interested in helping our ongoing Poppy Appeal should e-mail our Poppy Appeal Organiser Ruth Neighbour at:


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