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Poppy Appeal Organiser Ruth Neighbour
Assistant Poppy Appeal Organiser Gill Rees
Welfare Representative Chris Perry 99014479
Padre (By appointment) Allan Hodgson
 Newsletter Editor/Press Officer  Martin Parker
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Standard Bearer - Greece Vacant
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Webmaster David Taylor






















As we now have all three Standards: Branch, Union Flag and Cyprus Flag, we need more Standard Bearers.  A most prestigious position.

We would like some volunteers please.

We would ask that all and any Standard Bearers will give full commitment to his/her duties, and be available, with notice, to parade the Standards whenever and wherever it is deemed appropriate.

Please forward your interest and email details to the Secretary please, so that a list can be compiled for future reference.

Thank you all who have volunteered, and we look forward to meeting with you all, to discuss the duties of a Royal British Legion Standard Bearer.

Best wishes

Allan Hodgson

Paphos RBL 3692 

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