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Following the Annual General Meeting and my election to the chair I would like to start by thanking Keith Carter for everything he has done for the Branch in recent years. He has been very good chairman, has achieved a great deal in his time and been at the forefront of the work done by the branch as it has now firmly established itself as what I consider to be the best in mean feat I think you will all agree especially considering the difficult times he has endured.

I will remember him for the strides he made, particularly with the Poppy Appeal. When he took up the mantle of Poppy Appeal organiser the branch was raising somewhere in the region of 7 or 8 k a year. He then worked tirelessly at developing and expanding the collection network finally handing the responsibility over to Eddie by which time that figure had increased substantially to about 25k.  There are many hundreds of recipients of RBL equipment and grants that would be thanking Keith if they were able to do so for his efforts.

I personally hope that he will be sticking around for a long time still to come, especially as I will be depending on his help as I try to follow on from the example that he set.

There are always many things that need to be done in any organisation, regardless of how good it is and one of my main priorities will be aimed especially at our social gatherings.

Whilst our main priority will always be the support of the service community and the poppy appeal I feel that we ought to be paying far more attention to the social aspects relating to the membership of the of the main reasons that many of us have become involved.  Pauline Breen has built an excellent base which I now hope to move on from in the weeks and coming months.

I feel that our monthly meetings have become rather bogged down  so I will be suggesting alternative methods of getting the information around to you when the new committee meets for the first time in early December.

I want to put far more emphasis on your enjoyment and your entertainment, regular legion trips to wineries, parks and gardens, resorts and other places of annual dinner and dance that I know many members are keen to see arranged within the branch, a closer relationship with our neighbours down the road in Torrevieja, and perhaps with RAFFA and the RNA, games nights and social activities that will bring us all much closer together in supporting our common cause.

But before we can start to do all that the very first thing that I and my new committee will want to know from you is exactly what you want..... It is your branch and I want those who serve you to do so in your interests and knowing exactly what you want.

When we have that information I will do my very best to make sure that is achieved. 


Kevin Reardon


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