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Welcome to the Market Harborough Branch of The Royal British Legion

Market Harborough launched a website in 1998, the first branch to do so in the county and one of the first in the Legion. It also preceded the RBL HQ site. It was designed and run by a member, Mark Hudson, now a Vice President, whose interest and expertise derived from his work whilst in the Royal Navy.

Visitors commented favourably on the style and content of the site and in the first three years it had received two international awards. It also resulted in a number of useful and interesting contacts by email.

Although the site is no longer accessible, the contents of the following pages are available here:

Bernard Halsall
Robert Cramp
Bill Crawley
Charles Freer
Dick Fulford
"Hotspur"          story 1
"Hotspur"          story 2
John Cox
Ken West          story 1
Ken West          story 2



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