Poppy Appeal

The Poppy Appeal in Market Harborough

The Branch Poppy Appeal Organiser, Stewart Harrison, is responsible for operating Market Harborough Poppy Appeal Area.

Poppy People

Collectors are always required,

If you are willing to help in the next Poppy Appeal please contact Stewart Harrison on 07835738921 or email:

Market Harborough Contribution to the Appeal

The total raised in the appeal year  2009 / 2010 was  £22,214.

In the year  2010 / 2011 the amount raised was a record breaking £29,887.

For 2016 /2107  £26,745 was raised

What was Involved

Our Poppy Appeal Area covers about 45 square miles with many small villages and Market Harborough the only town.

About 160 "static points" (shops, businesses, schools ,etc.) and "house to house" collectors receive trays of poppies and  collecting boxes ready for the start of the authorised collecting period two weeks before Remembrance Sunday. In addition, more must be available a week later to service the street collectors who man locations in the town centre working in stints of at least one hour (some do far more) on the the four market days.

Distributing trays and boxes is undertaken by individuals, with designated "rounds", three for the rural areas, and in town, one for house to house collectors and six for static points. At the end of the collection period these members then bring in the used trays and, hopefully, filled boxes for money counting, recording and banking. Later they take "thank you" cards to their collectors and outlets.

Appeal Launch 2010

In town, the Poppy Appeal period is launched with an eye-(and ear-)catching ceremony on The Square with a Pipe Band, Standards and cadets with trolleys laden with poppy trays and boxes ready to deliver to the Static Points. This is a high profile event which attracts much public interest (and a useful amount of money) and press coverage in the local newspaper. Seen here , is the group in 2010 arranged for the press photographer.

To act as a base and control centre for the street collectors we use a stall in the Market Hall. Each day the required numbers of boxes and trays are brought to the stall, together with poppies and other items to refill the trays when the collectors return at the end of their stints. Their boxes are taken for safe-keeping and money counting.

The stall is also important as a display and information area attempting to explain the work of the Legion and the need for the Poppy Appeal. It is also a useful source of contributions.

Ordering, distribution and obtaining "payment" for wreaths is another distinct responsibility.

So well done everybody, and a big Thank You to all the people of Market Harborough district who have been so generous again.

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