Poppy Appeal

The Poppy Appeal in Malmesbury & Sherston Region

Malmesbury & Sherston Branch is pleased to declare the Poppy Appeal Donations collected during periods shown. (Malmesbury PAO TEB20 & Sherston PAO TEB25)

2010:  Malmesbury & District  £10831.66    Sherston £2790.05

2011;  Malmesbury & District  £10414.16    Sherston  £2607.75

2012;  Malmesbury & District  £9115.07      Sherston  £1996.84

2013;  Malmesbury & District  £9493.34      Sherston  £1971.36

2014;  Malmesbury & District  £11894.18    Sherston  £2465.58

2015;  Malmesbury & District £13464.38     Sherston £2164.20

2016;  Malmesbury & District £13218.09     Sherston £2556.87

2017; Malmesbury & District  £14201.01     Sherston £2556.87

2018; Malmesbury & District  £14451.96     Sherston £3125.08 

2019; Malmesbury & District  £14205.92     Sherston £3264.98

So well done everybody, and a big Thank You to all the people of Malmesbury and North Wiltshire who once again have been so generous.

Poppy People

Our very successful Poppy Coordinator and Chairman, Mr Derek Tilney is supported by many volunteers who distribute and collect the poppy appeal canisters. The Malmesbury & District  area includes Brinkworth, Brokenborough, Charlton, Corston, Crudwell, Eastcourt, Hullavington, Lea, Malmesbury and Norton.

Derek is always looking to add to to this very able and industrious team.

If you think you would like to assist in this extremely important activity, which takes place only during November each year, why not contact Derek on 01666 823944?

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