History of Sub Branch Sherston

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Brief History Of Sherston British Legion

Sherston Branch of the Royal British Legion was formed in 1946. It was quite a problem to keep going because at that time they did not have anywhere permanent to hold their meetings.

It was rough going for quite a while, holding meetings where ever they could. This was not easy as they had a membership of close to 100. After much searching, finally a venue suitable to accommodate such numbers was found in the village.An extraordinary meeting was called to decide if it was a viable proposition to attempt to purchase the property.This all took place in June 1949.

All members were asked if they would be willing to make a donation or loan in an attempt to raise the deposit needed to purchase the property.

This property known as The Tolsey which stands in the middle of the High Street, a very suitable location. The property was two storeys high and could accommodate all members. The only problem was the top story floor was none too good so it could only be used for whist drives and beetle drives or other light entertainment. The loan was finally secured and with rent being charged for use of rooms for whist and beetle drives, and because the ground floor was equipped with a shower room, the village football club were able to rent this facility. By collection of these rents and various fund raising activities the property was eventually paid for. There was a considerable sized hall downstairs where there were 2 snooker tables ,darts and card tables. The only problem was it was never licensed for the sale of alcohol but never the less many good times were had by all.

This unfortunately all came to an end in the early 1950's as membership numbers declined. It was found difficult to keep it as a financially sound investment; so it was sold and the monies invested.RBL Sherston 1950.jpg

Sherston Royal British Legion managed to keep going until late in 2008 when we were again getting very low in numbers. It was decided to call a meeting to ask members what they wanted to do.  There were 2 options , one, to close the branch , the second one was to approach Malmesbury Branch to see if it was possible to amalgamate our two branches . After discussions it was decided the second option was possible so the amalgamation went ahead and that is where we find ourselves today June 2011.

Malcolm Hillier.

Sherston Standard Bearer.

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