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Schoolchildren wave Union flags as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II departs St. Paul's Cathedral





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    Donated  Raffle towards the Childrens  Christmas  Party  in December 2011


Grand entrance: The gun carriage carrying the coffin drawn by the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery arrives at St Paul's Cathedral

Armed guard: Sailors march during the Ceremonial funeral of former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher at Dean's Court

Armed guard: Sailors march during the Ceremonial funeral of former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher at Dean's Court


Poppy   Collectors =

Poppy collectors of all ages needed = can you collect in your street/ shop/ School/ Factory?


Rememberance Day Parade

Sunday   - 11 - Nov 2012

Muster @ Legion 11.30am .

Fall-in 11.55am

Parade Marches-Off @ 11.59am.

Service & laying of wreaths @  12.15pm

Service of Rememberance with Buglers.

Wreath laying to commemorate those  who have made the supreme sacrifice in wars & conflicts.


  • Loughton Community Schools and families gather in larger numbers each year whatever the weather

We are A Support-Charity not Religiously affiliated or Politically motivated.

Talks in Schools / Colleges,

Video's of WW1 &WW2 Afghanistan & ~Iraque

Exams on History-Cerriculum this year 2012.

The Loughton War Memorial



Is your family Entitled to this Medal?


The  Elizabeth Cross  =

Elizabeth CrossOn 1 July 2009 it was announced that a new award will be granted to the next of kin of Armed Forces personnel killed on operations, in a mark of national recognition for their loss.

Next of kin will receive the Elizabeth Cross - a sterling silver emblem in the shape of a cross over a wreath - plus a Memorial Scroll signed by The Queen which will bear the name of the person who died.

The Queen's recognition will also be available to those who died in conflicts dating back to 1948, including the Korean War, the Falklands conflict and operations in Northern Ireland. If a family member served during these dates. Apply through the MoD's website

Full details including how to apply are available on the MoD's medal website.

Loughton Branch = 020 8508 5044 leave a message to apply for Standard Bearer.


History  of Loughton  Heroes.


Three local heroes, they all lived in Loughton at some time, they are:-

Captain Richard Stannard VC,DSO RNR

Private Sidney Frank Godley VC The Royal Fusiliers

Marine Bill Sparks DSM The Royal Marines

Their stories are here, please read and see how much courage was shown by each of them.


Captain Richard Stannard VC,DSO

Richard Been Stannard was born on 21st August 1902 at Blyth, Northumberland, one of the sons of Captain George Davis Stannard and Elizabeth Stannard (nee Knowles).His fathers ship was lost with all hands on a voyage from Baltimore in February 1912 and he and his brothers went to the Royal Naval Merchant School which was founded in 1827 for orphans of merchant seamen.In 1928 he married Phyllis May Tomkin at West Ham, they lived at 33 The Avenue, Loughton from 1937 until 1949 and then they emmigrated to Australia where he died on 22nd July 1977.


On 19th October 1942 he was awarded the Norwegian War Cross by Kinh Haakon for bravery at Namos Wharf, and in May 1943 he was back at Buckingham Palace to recieve the Distinguished Service Order for his part in the sinking of U-Boat 18 during a three day and night running battle in the Atlantic beginning on 4th February 1943.


Private Sidney Frank Godley VC

Sidney Frank Godley was born on 14th August 1889 at East Grinstead, Sussex, he was the son of a painter and decorator. At the age of 14 he started work in an ironmongers shop but six years later due to a desire for more excitement he joined the British army on 13th December 1909 as Private S. Godley No. 13814. He lived for some time in Loughton and and died at St Margarets Hospital, Epping on 29th June 1957 aged 67. He is buried in St John\\\'s Churchyard, Lougton.


In April 1939 Sidney Godley attended the opening of a new bridge at Nimy, during the service a plaque commemorating the heroism of Maurice Dease and Sidney Godley was unveiled, he was also presented with a special medal by the people of Mons.In 1940 the Plaque at Nimy bridge was taken away for safe keeping and hidden for the duration of the Second World War. In 1961, the Plaque was returned to its rightful place on the bridge at Nimy.

After retiring Sidney and his wife moved several times ending up in Debden. He was buried with full military honours , The Royal Fusiliers provided a bearer party and fired a volley over his grave. In November 2000 a "Blue Plaque" was affixed by Loughton Town Council to 164 Torrington Drive, Loughton, where Sidney Godley last lived.

In 1976 a new housing estate in Bexley was named after Sidney Godley and in 1992 a new housing block also bears his name.

By kind permission of the Godley family.


Marine William Edward Sparks DSM Marine Bill Sparks was born in the East End of London on 5th September 1922, after leaving school at 14 he started work as a shoe repairer, at the outbreak of World War Two he infuriated his father by joining The Royal Marines and not following the family tradition and become a stoker in the Navy. He lived at 47 Poundfield Road, Loughton for many years and died on 1st December 2002, his funeral was held in Alfreston, East Sussex.

The Name of the mission was "Operation Frankton" , they were part of the Boom Patrol Detachment Royal Marines,and the craft they used were Cockle MK II kayaks (hence the name "Cockleshell Heroes") The members of the team were:-


When he was 61, Bill Sparks re-enacted his epic journey by paddling from the mouth of the Gironde up to Bordeaux to raise money for cancer Research, with Gerry Lockyer of the Imperial War Museum as his companion. Afterwards Bill Sparks stated that although the trip was not as dangerous as it was in 1942 the paddling was much harder. The escape route that he and Major Hasler used is now a footpath dedicated to the Cockleshell Heroes.

Bill Sparks wrote two books on the action, they were:-

"The Last of the Cockleshell Heroes" &  "Cockleshell Commando"


History of Loughton Branch

'Minutes Books' from 1949 to almost the present have been retrieved, these are now being copied and anyone wishing to read them please contact  the Branch Secretary .

They are full of history and give an insight into the workings of the Legion back then, before moving to our present home.

It is hoped that a museum, such as Epping Forest Museum in Waltham Abbey will be happy to recieve them and that way they will be forever kept and looked after, also accesible to view by the public

Annual Report 2010 cover

Magazins = 2012

All sorts of Books and Magazines are exchanged at the club, so bring your books for EXCHANGE. Leave the Books on the Reception Desk or in the Games Room.


Bring = Legion Magazines as we take them to Receptions around Loughton Town such as your Local Doctors-reception and your Dentist - Reception even the Clinic in Station road.


Loughton Branch hope to recruit NEW MEMBERS  in  2012.

You can Help by recruiting a New Member even if it's your Next-door Neighbour .


EX-BRITISH ARMED FORCES joinup & recieve welfare / support and companionship.

Membership is open to everyone We welcome men/ women of all ages,



Subscriptions  Officer = David Beckett mobile: 079 32 77 55 30 .


Poppy  Organizer   =   Mrs  Gill    Mann = 07 505 107 655


WELFARE OFFICER = Mrs Mavis Back: 020  8502  2398


Recruiting  Officer  =  Nick  Greiner  =   077 88 916 304


Any comments please email < >.

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