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V.J. DAY - 15th AUGUST 2020









Japan’s Now Surrendered,

And told to ‘Lay Down it’s Arms’

Go back to your factories,

Offices and Farms,


But in Singapore, Thailand

And Burma No less

Our ‘Forgotten Army’

Still had to clear up the mess.


We mustn’t forget

The war in the Far East

Or the lives which were lost

Before the battles were ceased.


Three quarters of a century

Have passed since those days

And life has moved on

In so many ways.


So August Fifteenth

Became a day of celebration

As Japan agreed

To the Potsdam Declaration


And on September Second

At last it was done

The World War was over

The battle’s been won.


V.J. Day

Is a day to be cherished

When we remember

All those who have perished.


Stand proudly my country,

Stand proudly with Britain

Dwell on this cry

So proudly written.


This Kingdom never gave up, and it must never forget !











V.E. DAY 2020

75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe 8th May 2020

On 8th May 1945 The Prime Minister announced the end of the war with Germany. In a message broadcast from the Cabinet Room at Number 10 Winston Churchill told the nation the ceasefire had been signed on 7th May at the American advance headquarters in Rheims.

Many young people do not know the horrors of war. They do not know about rationing such as one egg and four rashers a week, some people can eat that in one sitting. Fourteen years of food rationing ended at midnight on 4th July 1954, when restrictions on the sale and purchase of most things including meat and bacon were lifted.

Hearing the frightening noise of the bombers leaving for Germany and the noise of the Germany bombers overhead, and the sound of bombs falling and then the sound of the explosion.  Do we ever think of the telegram boy delivering the message "missing presumed dead". 

Did we ever listen when granddad told us about how he was involved with the fighting in Europe?  How his friend from school that he joined up with him was killed.  Some men lost arms and legs others their lives. 

Soldiers returned home to loved ones and some returned home with just one loved one to greet them and some none.  Some men where shell shocked or as we call it now PTSD. 

Finally after six years off fighting ended. The enemy vanished. Families could rejoice, they could dance and sing at the joy of being free again.

The Royal British Legion was started after the first World War in 1921.  Men and women banded together to help one and other.  Since then there have been many wars, not only the Second World War but Malaysia, Aden, the Gulf, Falklands, Bosnia and now Afghanistan.  The Royal British Legion is there to help ex servicemen and their families then and now. So when you see us selling Poppies stop and buy one as that supports the men and women that saved us.

Although we are facing a challenging time please, where ever you are, join us on Friday 8 May at 11am to observe a 2 minutes silence as we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the entire Second World War II generation, from British, Commonwealth and Allied Forces to evacuees and those who served on the home front.



 We are proud to display the certificate for our attendance and support of the Great Pilgrimage 90 at Ypres on the                  8th August 2018.

The Pilgrimage culminated in a march through Ypres to the Commonwealth War Grave Commission’s Menin Gate Memorial for a ceremony to commemorate the launch of The Hundred Days Offensive and in remembrance of those who never returned.

Great Pilgrimage 90 Certificate


 The Royal British Legion is the UK's leading Armed Forces charity and one of its largest membership organisations.

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Membership is open to everyone. If you have an interest in the objectives of the Legion and want to help and support for those who have served and their families, come and join us. We welcome men and women of all ages, whether they have served in the Armed Forces or not.

Legion membership ensures that

  • Remembrance is kept alive and that the sacrifices our brave Service men and women have made are never forgotten.
  • The ex-Service community have a voice and that their concerns are brought to the public eye.

Becoming a member also provides the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities and events held locally, regionally and nationally throughout the year.

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We provide financial, social and emotional care and support to all members of the British Armed Forces - past and present and their families. The Legion is also the national Custodian of Remembrance and safeguards the Military Covenant between the nation and its Armed Forces and is best known for the annual Poppy Appeal and its emblem the red poppy.

Founded in 1921, the Legion is not just about those who fought in the World Wars of the last century, but also about those involved in the many conflicts since 1945 and those still fighting for the freedom we enjoy today. 

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