Armed Forces Day 2016

Welcome to the Letchworth Branch of The Royal British Legion

Armed Forces Day 2016 Held at Broadway Gardens 

The Armed Forces Day Challenge Cup for the Cadets was thought up by Vice chairman Nigel Kenworth and consists of an Inpection of the cadets Uniforms, Drill and commands tasks. This is the first year that the Cup and certificates have been Presented. They were presented by Nigal and Mr Shaun Griffin , Master of ceremonies.

The Winners of the Challenge cup 2016 were the Army Cadet Force of Letchworth, the runners up were the Sea Cadets (Biggleswade) and the 248 (Letchworth) Air training Corps 

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Rising of the Armed Forces day Flag

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Sea Cadets Band

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Joan and Sandra, Peter and Eric

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Challenge Cup Certificates

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 Dscf8664 640X480

 Dscf8668 640X480

 Dscf8669 640X480

Dscf8680 640X480 

 Dscf8681 640X480

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 Dscf8700 640X480

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 Dscf8703 640X480

 Dscf8704 640X480

 Dscf8706 640X480

 Dscf8708 640X480

 Dscf8710 640X480

Dscf8711 640X480 

 Dscf8712 640X480

 Dscf8715 480X640

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 Dscf8722 640X480

 Dscf8723 640X480

Dscf8725 640X480 

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 Dscf8730 640X480


 Dscf8734 640X480

 Dscf8736 640X480

 Dscf8738 640X480

Dscf8741 640X480 

Dscf8742 640X480 

 Dscf8743 640X480

 Dscf8744 640X480

 Dscf8719 480X640

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 Dscf8748 640X480

Dscf8751 640X480 

 Dscf8752 640X480

 Nigel Kenworthy Presenting the Armed Forces day Challenge Cup Runners up certificate to the Sea cadets, cadet H Griffiths and cadet M Kimberley

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