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 ‘Caterpillars, Guinea Pigs and Goldfish’

March 10 2018


There are now over 70 people who heard some amazing stories thanks to a fascinating presentation given by the Chairman and Secretary of the Goldfish Club, Squadron Leader Art Stacey AFC. The Kimbolton Branch of the Royal British Legion hosted the event at the Mandeville Hall on 10 March. A Ploughman’s supper was provided by Courtyard Kitchen followed by live music from Gill Boyd from the Pidley Mountain Rescue Team

Almost £400 was raised for the Poppy appeal, the Goldfish Club and Branch funds.

Thank you to all who attended – your support is much appreciated.





The Poppy Appeal in Kimbolton – 2017/2018.


As the new Poppy Appeal Organiser (PAO) I have been astounded by the support and generosity of the villagers, schools and businesses in our area.

The Kimbolton area covers: Brington, Bythorn, Catworth, Covington, Great Staughton, Kimbolton, Keyston, Stonely, Stow Longa and Tilbrook.   

I had no clear idea what I was taking over until I began to put the collection trays together.  

Then I realised the enormity of the task; seventy - yes, 70 (!) trays had to be prepared, delivered and then collected.  It took a logical approach and super support from members of the RBL committee to achieve this task.  

Moving onto the final task of counting the red pots was made easy by a terrific team of counters:  Mary Foster, Marilyn Del Pozzo, Roger Watson, Wenda Watson and Gill Walker.  Fast, accurate and so kind to give up their time and kitchen tables!

Our final total for the Poppy Appeal fortnight was £8,980.45 which is 2.79% up on this period last year.


Once again – thank you!


Please look out for information regarding the trips I am planning for 2018.  Firstly, to the Poppy Factory in Richmond during June and then to see a production of War Horse at the MK Theatre in September.


Carol Vincent Bennett

PAO – Kimbolton.

01480 860837



  • The Appeal  for 2015/16 at the time of going to press stands at just over £9576.06 (January) 
  • So well done everybody, and a big Thank You to all the people of Kimbolton who have been so generous again. 

      The Branch is delighted to have won " The Highest Amount Per       Capita Poppy Appeal Trophy 2015". This award could not have been acheived without those collectors who work tirelessly across the villages and supporters who donate both time and money.                                     This is the third time Kimbolton has won this award in recent years, and   looks forward to your valued support in 2016.                                                 

     Thank you all.

     Img 161

 Img 176

Ladies from Kimbolton RBL organised a raffle at the Mandeville Hall during the Pantomime on 24th February.

Thanks to the cast and crew of the Melodramatics for allowing Kimbolton RBL to organise a raffle at their production of Alice in Wonderland. £150 was raised for the 2016 Poppy Appeal.

Poppy People



Saturday 14 January saw the Huntingdoshire Royal British Legion awards ceremonies. The Kimbolton secretary Mr David Henrick represented the Branch.

Were were awarded

1. The Highest Increase in Poppy Appeal certificate.


2, The Highest amount percapita Certificate.


The Branch was congratulated on achieving these accolades.

Once again,this award could not have been acheived without those collectors who work tirelessly across the villages and supporters who donate both time and money.

This is now the fourth time Kimbolton has won this award in recent years, and the Kimbolton  branch looks forward to your valued support in 2017.                                          

Well done everybody and in particular our Poppy Appeal co-ordinator Vicky Whittle.










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