Welcome to the Isleworth Branch of The Royal British Legion

Annual renewal - for all the members who joined before 1 April 2015. The annual renewal takes place on 1 October every year.

Anniversary renewal - for anyone who joined from 1 April 2015. It falls exactly on the date of joining every year.

Payment plan – a breakdown of the total amount to pay; it includes:

  • Membership fee - £17 from 1st October 2017
  • Branch fee - £3
  • Club Subscription (if applicable) - £5

Annual Renewals:  Once you have received your renewal letter from Haig House and paid your Membership fee, £17.00 in 2017, you will be sent your new membership card.

In order for you to use the Isleworth Branch/Club you will need to obtain a Club Sticker.  Please contact Angela Ayer who will be at the Club every Sunday at 1.00 who will be able to process this for you. 

In 2017 you will also need to pay the £3 Branch Fee as this has not been included in the payment process this year.  Angela will also be able to process this at the same time as issuing the club sticker.


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