Where Can I Buy A Poppy?

The Poppy Appeal in the Netherlands

Town Business Name Street Postal Code
  British School of Amsterdam Anthonie van Dyckstraat 1 BG 1077 ME

Kelly's Expat Shop

Ferdinand Bolstraat 139 1072 LG
  Pegasus Pub Zwanenstraat 4  6811 DD
Den Haag      
  Anglican Church of St John & St Philip Riouwstraat 2C 2585 HA
  Kelly's Expat Shopping In The Hague Zoutmanstraat 22A 2518 GP
  Taste of Home Gedempte Oude Gracht 42 2011 GS
  Schoonoord Café Restaurant Pietersbergseweg 4 6862 BV
  Airborne Snackbar Telefoonweg 2 6871 JN
  Anglican Holy Trinity Church Utrecht Van Hogendorpstraat 26 3581 KE
  British School In The Netherlands Jan van Hooflaan 3 2252 BG
  Kellys Expat Shop Wassenaar Luifelbaan 50 2242 KV
  This year, due to Covid restrictions, only at a limited amount of locations you can get a poppy. Please do not let this stop you of getting your poppy this year. If you are not able to go to one of the above locations , please get in touch with our Poppy Appeal Coordinator (    
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