Branch Officials

Welcome to The Royal British Legion Holland Branch

In keeping with the democratic principles of The Royal British Legion, Holland Branch is managed by an annually elected committee. 

Elected Officials 2018-2019


Mr J H CameronWebb

British Consul


Mr D R Williams

Vice Chairman 

Mr M Burrows

Honorary Secretary 

Ms M P Shorthouse-Kuiper

Honorary Treasurer

Mr R J Waller

Welfare Officer
Case Worker

Mr R Shorthouse
Mr D R Williams

Poppy Appeal Officers

Mr R J Waller 
Mr K S Lightwood

Membership Secretary

Mr P G M Hilferink


Newsletter Editor

Ms M P Shorthouse-Kuiper

External Relations Officer / Remembrance and Events Coordinator/Public Relations Officer

Mr E Geurts

Standard Bearers 

Mr Y Kniest

Mr D R Williams

Mr A Rotscheid

Mr K Spaamer

Branch Clergy

The Reverend Canon G G Allen

 Contact via Branch Secretary

Co-Opted Officials

Eastern Area Representative   Mr K S Lightwood
Rotterdam Area Representative   Mrs E E van Gelderen
Brabant Limburg Representative   Mr G. Timmermans   Contact via Branch Secretary
Zeeland Representative   Mr. G.J. de Rooij   Contact via Branch Secretary
The Hague Poppy Appeal   Mr W. Giel   Contact via Branch Secretary
Webshop Manager   Mr R J Waller


For nonspecific matters you can contact our Honorary Secretary:

Mrs. M. Shorthouse-Kuiper

06 24962460 /

For everything related to this website, please email

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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