Poppy Appeal

The Poppy Appeal in Haughley

We need money to carry out our objectives and fundraising is therefore a primary function of the Legion. This includes running the annual Poppy Appeal in Haughley which runs from October through to September each year. Below you can see how genorous the people of Haughley have been.

Year        Amount Raised
2015  -2016  £7,417.51
2016 - 2017 £4,542.80
2017 - 2018 £6,517.91


We use this money, through a national and county network of volunteers and staff, to identify and deal with cases of need.

Like alot of people you'll be asking where does this money go? Your genorous donations kindly help many different people.

Poppy People

We need and use every penny we can get, which is why we need to exert all our efforts during each poppy Appeal. There is literally a fund of goodwill in Haughley; do help us to collect it. If it wasn't for local businesses such as Palmers Baldry, Crawfords primary school, the post office and the Co Op fund raising aswell we wouldn't meet our welfare objectives. We know what discomforts, aches and pains our collectors go through - knocking on endless doors or standing in the cold and rain on a street corner, feeling wet and invisible as they hopefully extend a collecting box. They are our real troopers like Mr Largent and Mrs Appleyard who have recently achieved 15 years of collecting.  But it is all in a wonderful cause.

So, if you can spare a couple of hours, do please contact our Branch Poppy Appeal organiser, Tim Hart. We need all kind of volunteers - door-to-door collectors, street collectors, and especially the younger generation to get involved. Always remember - the next welfare case to call The Royal British Legion might be yours.

Each year the Legion's Poppy Factory produces over 30 million Poppies, thousands of Wreaths and Remembrance Crosses. The increasing demand each year reflects the overwhelming public support for the Poppy Appeal. The two-week Poppy period also encompasses 'Remembrance', culminating in the Two-Minute Silence at 11am on 11 November, Armistice Day.

Anyone interested in helping in the next Poppy Appeal should contact our our poppy appeal organiser Tim Hart.





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