Ixworth & Haughley Games evening

Haughley Branch of The Royal British Legion, Suffolk

Where: The Greyhound, Ixworth

When: 5th January 2017

When we thought when Ixworth challenged us to a games evening we presumed it would be branch vs branch. Erm.. we were wrong. It was individual vs individual. 

The games for this evening was domino's (not that any of us from Haughley had played before) and darts. The names of those who wished to take part were taken and selected at random; thus Sue John played Jaqui Turner at Dominoes and Bernie ended up playing Jaqui at darts.

Unfortunately we don't not know how Peter Turner fared in the games he played but here are the results for the rest of us.
DOMINOES (Best of Three)
1. Sue John beat Jaqui Turner in the first round of but lost out in the next round.
2. Tim Hart lost in his first round.
3. Eve Smith lost in her first round.
4. Bernie lost in his first round.
5. Peter Turner results are unknown.
So, subject to Peter’s results Haughley RBL were wiped out at Dominoes. However, allowing not one of us had ever played dominoes before and we were up against people who had years of experience we fought bravely and stubbornly and we didn’t cry when we lost.
Seriously though we must point out that the experienced players provided advice and guidance to us novices which was of course a great help.
DARTS (Best of Three)
1. Sue John lost in her first round
2. Eve  Smith lost in her first round
3. Peter Turner unknown
4. Bernie beat Jaqui Turner in round one but it was a close run 2nd game.
5. Tim Hart had to leave just as his name was called so will play his first game at the next session on the 19th January.
Next time around were advised that we will be playing pool, which is of course when will come into our own (hopefully).
Win or loose, a very enjoyable evening. We were made most welcome by the landlord of the Greyhound and all of the legion members.


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