Benefits of joining the Legion

Haughley Branch of The Royal British Legion, Suffolk

We are an exstremely dynamic and forward thinking branch who are always striving for our members and our local community.

Everyone is welcome to join the Legion, regardless of whether or not you have a Service background. In actual fact you can join as a youth member from the age of 12! 

There is a 'myth' that veterans are of the older generation. There is though a  new type of veteran emerging as young as 18 due to conflicts in recent years such as Iraq.

Benefits of Legion Membership

As a member you will receive a free subscription to the Legion magazine which comes out six times per year and has lots of information about the Legion's work throughout the country and abroad. Click here  to view the magazine online.

Joining our branch and the Legion is like joining a family. We are always striving to help our veteran's and serving Armed forces community by being at the front to tackle their needs.

As a member you have a voice in the organisation and can vote at our meetings to ensure that our welfare work and the future of the branch is being maximised.

With our large membership, the Legion maintains a high profile in the public eye, which helps our lobbying effort in Westminster. For example we are campaigning for the 2021 census to include  questions on the Armed Forces community so as a charity and as a branch we can ensure they are receiving the help they need and where they are located.

Count them in campaign

Count them in campaign 

We're a very social branch with evening quizzes, fun days and trip's such as Belgium and the National arboretum. We are proud of our branch achievements which are below;

We have been awarded the jellicoe cup for our increase in numbers over a three year period (2010-2013) which is a national award. We have also held the county cup for the most efficient and progressive small branch for a four year period (2009-2013), and in 2013 we were the runners up in the Lister cup, yet another national award. 

As the nation's custodian of Remembrance your membership ensures the continuing memory of the sacrifice made by our Service personnel and very likely your ancestors from the two world wars.

 Deals and discounts are also available 

How to join

Simple. You can fill out the form online here or give our secretary Margaret a call on 01449 770353. It's £17 for the year and YOU could make a difference! 

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