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By clicking on the different pages in the sidebar, you can see the various events the Hannover branch has participated in or will participate in.

Below you will find an overview of all events the Hannover Branch is either participating in or is organising. All events are subject to change. Should you be interested in joining an event, you can contact the branch secretary at Hannover.Secretary@RBL.Community for more information.


  • 25 April: Virtual Bingo


  • 7 May: Virtual Branch Meeting
  • 8 May: Virtual Recruitment Advisor's Course
  • 15 May: Virtual Annual Conference
  • 16 May: Legion Centenary Service (CWGC Hannover)


  • 5 June: Rugby match (Bremen)
  • 10 June: Queen's Birthday Reception (Hannover)
  • 18-20 June: British Weekend (Remeringhausen)


  • 1-3 July: Rugby matches (Hannover)


  • 1 August: Highland Games (Butjadingen)
  • 28-29 August: Highland Games (Wuppertal)