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Women officers are.

Chairperson Maureen Barrett
Vice Chairperson Michelle Miller
Secretary Jenny Clark
Treasurer Barbara Butterwick
Welfare Joc Leigh
Standard Bearer Vacant
Parade Marshall Michelle Miller - Email:

Women's Section have now joined Cheshire County - from 1 July 2015

The Royal British Legion Women's Section was formed on 28 February 1961.

The British Legion was formed in July 1921 by amalgamation of four ex-service organisations which then existed. It is now the largest national body of ex-service personnel. In the same year the British Legion Women's Section was formed to safeguard the interests of widows and families of men and women who served in the Forces. It is the only body of women organised for this purpose and in 1971 the Legion's Jubilee Year, Her Majesty the Queen conferred on the Legion the honour of being known as the Royal British Legion and our title therefore is The Royal British Legion Women's Section, Formby and was formed on the 28th February 1961. Although we are an integral part of the Royal British Legion we are governed by our own Bye-Laws and Administration is by our own Central Committee based at Legion Headquarters in London. There was and still is some concern throughout the British Legion Branches with regard to the work undertaken by the Women's Section - in some cases they are asked to contribute money to Legion local Benevolent Funds even though Legion Service Committees receive grants from our Headquarters. It was and still is difficult in some Branches to make the Legion Branches understand that the Women's Section Welfare Schemes are supported solely by the efforts of its own Members and that NO money was received from the Poppy Appeal. As far as fund raising is concerned the Women's Section comes First and the Poppy Appeal comes second. A special effort is usually made to contribute towards the Poppy Appeal Fund each year. Here at Formby the Branch fully understand that all monies raised by the Women's Section (which is a Registered Charity No.219279) is forwarded to Women's Section Headquarters where it is used to support our own Welfare Schemes throughout the country. All Branches of the Women's Section follow the same procedure and that is why we can offer help to so many people. Since Formby Branch's formation in 1961 most of the money raised was forwarded to help with the schemes but at the same time the Women's section were allowed to support local Charities. Many local organisations have benefited from money raised by the Formby Women's Section i.e. Formby Luncheon Club, Abbeyfield Homes, Queenscourt Hospice, Alder Hey Childrens Hospital to name but a few. Nowadays ALL money raised in the name of the Women's Section has to be forwarded to our Headquarters. When the Section was First formed and throughout the sixties much of the money raised was through 'Rummage Sales' or Jumble Sales and the average takings on such nights was around £15, nowadays our Bargain Bingo evenings raise an average of £170 each event. The first donation made was £l-0s-0d to the Area Fund and a postage stamp cost 3d (This was before the days of Decimal currency). Last year over £1000 was donated to WS Charities and a 2nd Class postage stamp cost 19p (38d in old money). How things change!! I hope you find the following pages nostalgic. I have enjoyed going through the old Minute books and feel that no matter how hard we try to involve our members it is still the Committee who do all the work.


At a committee meeting in May 1968 the question of 'whether a Standard should be purchase' arose, but it wasn't until 1974 that more discussion took place. In July that year it was decide to approach both the Club & Branch with a view to them making a donation. Headquarters were approached for advice & cost, waiting list etc. and it transpired that a cheque for £120 had to be sent to HQ before an order could be placed. The waiting time would be approximately 9 months after the order was placed with the manufacturers.

£38 had already been collected by some of the Committee towards the cost. £75 would be donated by the Branch and the Club advised they would contribute one third of the overall cost. Subsequently a cheque was sent to Headquarters to 'set the ball rolling'

Pam Hose an ex-Wren and a member of the Committee volunteered her services as Standard Bearer & commenced training.

By 1977 the Standard and accessories had finally arived, Pam 'kitted' out with her Standard Bearers accessories and the Dedication Ceremony took place on Sunday 5 June 1977 at Holy Trinity Church, Formby.
During her first month as Standard Bearer Pam performed her first two duties. Civic Sunday at Altcar Parish Church & the other at Liverpool Cathedral.

All the Committee members felt very proud and gave Pam their full support. The event was all the more special as it had happened during Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Year.

Standard Bearers Past & Present:

Pam Hose                          1977 - 1983
Nicola Hill                           1983 - 1987
Amanda Forshaw                 1988 - 1990
Jean Alcock                        1991 - 1995
Jenny Taylor                       1995 - 2013


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