Our Purpose



The Legion is at the heart of a national network that supports our Armed Forces community through thick and thin - ensuring their unique contribution is never forgotten.

We've been here since 1921, we'll be here as long as they need us.


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1. What is ‘Our Purpose’?

‘Our Purpose’ is a new statement and supporting document that explains what the
Legion is and does. It is based on the Legion’s original purpose and today’s existing
activities, but it also paints a picture of where we need to get to.

“The Legion is at the heart of a national network that supports our Armed Forces
community through thick and thin – ensuring their unique contribution is never

2. Why has it been created?

We acknowledge there has often been confusing, even conflicting messages when it
comes to what we actually do and represent as a charity. For this reason, we decided to
re-define our purpose and create an all-encompassing explanation which sums up who
we are, why we do the work we do, and why our help is so important. It has been
created with following target audiences in mind:

. All staff across departments
. The Legion’s partner agencies
. Trustees
. Volunteers
. General public
. Serving and ex- Service personnel


3. What do you mean by the following phrases: ‘heart of a national network’, ‘through
thick and thin’, ‘unique contribution’?
. ‘Heart of a national network’: The Legion delivers some support directly, but
the Legion also plays a central role in uniting a range of partners up and down
the country - volunteers, staff, members, the public and other charities - so that
that truly effective and comprehensive support is delivered when and where it’s
. ‘Through thick and thin’: The Legion delivers support through life (not just
during Service or during conflict) in good times and bad.
. ‘Unique contribution’: The contribution of the Armed Forces community
(which includes families of Service personnel) is unique in that it requires
bravery and self-sacrifice and in some cases results in injury and bereavement.
The Legion recognises that - in light of this contribution - the government and
the nation have a moral obligation to the armed forces community and that
they should face no disadvantage compared to other citizens as a result.


4. Which partners does this ‘national network’ include?

Combat Stress, SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity, Connect Assist and Poppy Scotland.


5. When and how should it Our Purpose be used?

Situations where it should be useful include:

. Partner presentations e.g. when introducing the work of the Legion to existing
and new partners.
. Strategic development e.g. when developing strategic priorities across all the
Legion’s functions and departments.
. Recruitment / inductions e.g. when introducing potential and new staff to the
work of the Legion.
. Internal inspiration e.g. as a statement that will inspire people internally,
creating a unified understanding of why The Royal British Legion exists.


6. What is the relationship between Our Purpose and the five year strategy?

Our Purpose and the five year strategy are two separate things; Our Purpose explains
our mission statement in an easy to understand manner, while the five year strategy
defines our strategic priorities (and how we’ll achieve them) in light of that purpose.


7. How long will Our Purpose valid for?

It will be valid until the Legion changes its charitable objectives or there is a significant
change in the context in which the Legion works.




OUR PURPOSE: Booklet and Animation


8. What documents do I need to be able to present Our Purpose?

The following resources will help you to present:

. The Our Purpose presentation and booklet
. The Our Purpose video animation


9. How do I access them?

You can find the booklet and animation on MyLegion.


10. Will any hard-copies be available?

Hard copies will be initially distributed to members of staff without access to email or
intranet by January 2017. Further copies will be distributed in the next wave of


11. How can I use the Our Purpose booklet and presentation?

The Our Purpose presentation (available in booklet format) articulates Our Purpose and
brings it to life. This booklet provides colourful and illuminating stories, imagery facts,
and tangible examples of the Legion’s Purpose in action - so that people can ‘get’ what
we’re talking about (and explain it to other people) rather than relying on two pages of

The Our Purpose presentation should be used to inspire conversations and drive
engagement with the work of the Legion amongst new joiners, staff and the Legion’s
many partners.


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