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Remembrance Sunday 

Remembrance Sunday, which falls on 10th November in 2019, is a day for the nation to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom.

The City of Ely Royal British Legion will be honouring the Armistice Centenary as detailed below. 

N.B - The 1100hrs 2 minutes silence will be carried out during the Cathedral service – a further 2 minutes silence will be carried out at the conclusion of the wreath laying service at the War Memorial.

for more information about national remembrance events, please visit the Royal British Legion website.

Remembrance Service – Sunday 10th November 2019

We welcome all people in Ely to join us at the Cathedral for a spectacular and very moving service, as well as a march through town, parade and Act of Remembrance in the Market Square.

The Royal British Legion, City of Ely Military Band, Standards and marching contingents are to take their places within the Cathedral at approx. 1015hrs ahead of the Remembrance Service in the Cathedral at 1030hrs which will include a 2 minutes silence at 1100hrs and spectacular Poppy fall from the Lantern Tower.

 At approximately 1115hrs, the City of Ely Military Band, Standards and marching contingents will parade from Ely Cathedral via The Gallery, Minster Place, High Street to the Market Place for the wreath laying service at the Ely War Memorial concluding with a further 2 minutes silence followed by a March Past the War Memorial to take the Salute from the attending Dignitary.

This will be followed at approximately 1215hrs with the City of Ely Military Band, Standards and marching contingents parading past the War Memorial up High Street back to the Market Place.

All leaders of marching contingents should contact the Chairman to ensure he has a contact list to confirm arrangements in the event of bad weather (e.g. heavy rain)

All Service and Veterans are invited to parade with the Royal British Legion. For those in wheelchairs or mobility scooters who may require additional assistance please contact David Martin, Chairman City of Ely Branch of the Royal British Legion,  

 Armistice Day - 11 November 2019

A short service of Remembrance and wreath laying will take place at the Ely War Memorial between 1045hrs and 1115 hrs on Monday 11 Nov 19.

We welcome all people in Ely to join us for this event.

For those in wheelchairs or mobility scooters who may require additional assistance please contact David Martin, Chairman City of Ely Branch of the Royal British Legion,



For the Purchase of Poppy Wreathes please contact our Poppy Appeal Organiser, Mr Les Wilson (see our Branch Information page for contact details). 



"On Remembrance Sunday, the City of Ely will participate in the national act of Remembrance to commemorate and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The following is my personal perspective. I left the armed forces in 1998 and whilst I always attended the Remembrance Service at Ely Cathedral (details of which are here I never thought I would march on the parade. Part of me thought been there done that, part thought parades were associated with the whole reason I left the army and at the time a perception that the Armed forces didn't carry much favour with the public.

Last year I changed my view. In part this was down to being involved in the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and having a much greater exposure to the work the Legion undertakes. In part a realisation that I am very proud of the time I spent in the army but more importantly the comments we received while collecting for last years Poppy Appeal in Ely of how great forces people were.

So last year I pressed my shirt, put a bit of spit and polish on my shoes. Put a suit on and dug out the medals that hadn't seen the light of day since 1998. I looked at them and remembered the experiences I had "earning" them. I remembered the fantastic friends I made who I'm still in touch with today. The laughs, tears, pain and joy I experienced. The long tours away from home and the adjusting. The worry of how loved ones were coping with separation and the inevitable adjusting to normality on my return. Simple things like kitchen cupboards being rearranged and things not being where they were before I went on tour, getting used to being home again and the stresses of starting to decompress and relax. It also brought back the memory of how my loved ones and friends helped me through this and how today I'm still adjusting. I earned those medals and had the experiences to prove it.

So I marched on the parade last year. Surprised myself by remembering a bit of foot drill, felt proud to be standing with people who had shared the same experiences and was amazed by the comments of people on the market square and lining the streets.

I'm marching again this year. I'm marching to remember those who have fallen. I'm marching in support of comrades still serving and the sacrifices they are prepared to make and I'm marching in support of our loved ones, family and friends. Grateful for their love, support and friendship.

So this is a call to all those service personnel and veterans in Ely. It's time to show Ely how proud you are of the time you spent in the armed forces. Get some polish on those shoes, clean those medals and get yourself on parade this Sunday. All light duties and excused boots chits are cancelled. Get you neck in the back of the collar and look up, look proud. Press down on the thumb and get on the heel. Let's show Ely a bit of pride and swagger!"

'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile'


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