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Our last Newsletter was issued in July 2020. Since that date we have been through several national Covid lockdowns, local tiering and restrictive opening hours and regulations. Hopefully, with the large scale roll out of the vaccination program, restrictions may be eased by April/May that will allow our premises to be re-opened.

Ceremonial Events

Small scale socially distanced commemorative events were held at Eastcote Memorial to mark the 75th Anniversary of Victory Over Japan Day (15th August) and Armistice Day (11th November).

Covid regulations prevented the traditional Eastcote Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service to be held in 2020. A Remembrance Sunday Service was video streamed from St Lawrence Church, Eastcote.


Poppy Appeal 2020/2021

At the time of writing, we have raised £12,534-55 for the Eastcote RBL Poppy Appeal 2020/2021 which started on 1st October 2020.

This is truly an amazing total to have been raised during these difficult times. We had no face-to-face collecting this year in our local supermarkets to ensure that nobody was put at Covid risk. The five fundraising events we had planned to take place at Eastcote RBL in 2020 (Saturday Quiz Nights, Horse Race Night, Poppy Dinner) had to be cancelled due to Covid regulations.

If you want to help us to raise £15,000 please will you consider making a one-off donation via our GoFundMe Page at:


Three masked Eastcote Royal British Legion Collectors.

Three masked Eastcote Royal British Legion Collectors.


New Members

Despite our intermittent openings, eighty new members have joined Eastcote RBL Branch from 4th July 2020 to 13th February 2021; a 25% increase. This bodes well for our future survival.


Brand Identity 

On 26th January 2021, the Royal British Legion logo changed:

new logo

Confusion: There are over 36 different logos used by RBL and associated with RBL. Some are core brands of vital importance, some are products and services that we offer, some represent joint ventures, some have no link to RBL whatsoever. This causes confusion, the logos do not add value to each other and worst of all, some are taking equity away from RBL. We require a bold  single-minded brand that can stretch across our full portfolio.

Cost: Creation and management of new sub-brands is both costly and unnecessary. The sub-brands do not reinforce each other resulting in reduced visual consistency and risk diluting the RBL brand. This reduces the impact, clarity and value of the Royal British Legion brand.  

Attribution: Our current logo does not clearly communicate who we are to people who are not close to our cause. In 2018, 61% recognised the RBL logo with the wording blurred, but only 39% correctly attributed it to the Legion. And for our landmark fundraising event, the Poppy Appeal, less than 50% of people associated this with the Royal British Legion.

Digital: A vital factor is that our current brand is not fit for purpose for a digital world – the importance of which has become even more apparent in 2020. From October 2019 to November 2020, 6.3 million users came to our national website: 3.6 million of those came through mobile, while 685k were tablet users. Our current logo becomes illegible when used on these channels at a smaller size.



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