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You can join the Royal British Legion and Eastcote Branch (Code BR 0915) in particular by telephoning the Freephone number 0800 307 7773 and pay by debit/credit card. Lines are open 8.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. seven days a week.


You can also join by clicking on and follow the simple step by step instructions. The online joining system is not compatible with Internet Explorer Version 9 or older. You will need to use IE10, IE11, Chrome or Firefox to complete your online application.

You CANNOT join Eastcote RBL Club via either of these two methods.

If you do apply via either of these two methods, RBL Headquarters Membership Services will send you your National and Eastcote Branch Only membership card. You will then have to come in to Eastcote RBL and ask for the Club Membership Secretary so that you can apply/pay for your initial Eastcote Club membership.

You have to be a National/Branch member before you can apply for Club membership.

Use Of Premises

You can use the Eastcote RBL facilities with immediate effect. If anybody asks about your presence on the premises, please advise that person that you have applied for membership and are awaiting the return of your membership card. There are frequent Branch/Club membership card checks.


Please contact Jeff Duley, Branch Membership Secretary (m) 07808739434.



1.1  For All Eastcote RBL Members Who Joined Before 1 April 2015. Renewal of National + Eastcote Branch Membership takes place on 1 October every year (Bulk Renewal). 

1.2 Anniversary Renewal is for anyone who joined from 1 April 2015. It falls exactly on the date of joining every year. 

1.3 Please note that renewal of membership of Eastcote RBL Club cannot be processed via the following procedures. Bring your renewed National + Eastcote Branch card in with payment for the attention of the Eastcote Club Secretary


2 Payment Bulk Renewal Members 

2.1 The National Membership Fee at 1st October 2019 is £17-00 plus Eastcote Branch Fee £3-00. i.e. £20-00 in total.


3 Gift Aid 

3.1 Gift Aid declarations will be sent with renewal letters to anyone who is currently signed up for Gift Aid. This is because the wording of both the oral and written declarations we have been using is incorrect/ out of date. As such we have to send out the correct wording – there is no call to action unless the member is no longer a UK tax payer and then they of course should contact us to cancel their Gift Aid. 

3.2 To cancel Gift Aid members can either log in to the self service portal (preferable) or email membership services:


4 Renewal Letters 

4.1 The letters will be based on the previous payment method – e.g. if someone paid by Direct Debit last year, they will get a letter appropriate for a DD payer. 

4.2 We would like to encourage our members to sign up for Direct Debit which can be done over the phone or via the self service portal. DD payment is the most time efficient and cost effective way to pay for your membership. 

4.3 Contact details on the renewal letter contain direct telephone numbers to the Membership Helpline as well as the Membership Services team email address. We strongly advise to use electronic mail for communication – telephone calls incur additional costs. The average phone call waiting times can be extended during our busy periods, so to avoid unnecessary wait, please send us an email with your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

4.4 NB: The contact details given on the letter are purely for Membership related queries. For anything else please contact the TRBL Contact Centre. 

4.5 Membership Payments and Applications Department, Northampton:

UK: 0800 307 7773 (free from UK landlines and main mobile networks) Republic of Ireland: 1800 911 936 (free) Overseas: +44 (0)207 191 1091 (full rate) 

4.6 Membership Services email address: 

4.7 TRBL Contact Centre (all none Membership related queries)

UK: 0808 802 8080 (free from UK landlines and main mobile networks) Republic of Ireland: 1800 992 294 (free). Overseas: +44 (0)20 3376 8080 (full rate).


5 Donations 

5.1 The renewal letters contain a breakdown of the total amount to pay. This may include a donation if a member paid it in the past. 

5.2 It is very important that members who don’t want to continue paying a donation, or wish to change its amount, inform us as soon as possible. This way we can remove the donation from the payment plan. As a result, there won’t be any outstanding balance on a member’s account and no underpayment letter will be sent. 

5.3 Please contact the Membership helpline or the Membership Services team using the contact details above to make any changes.


6 Changes/Amendments 

6.1 Any membership changes made now will not be reflected in the renewal letters, as the letters are already in production. After receiving renewal letters, members have until 1st October* to make changes such as: - Membership cancellations - Changing or removing donation amounts - Changing personal details, e.g. addresses 

6.2 *DD payers have until Sunday 1st September to make any changes- if they request them after that date, the amount of money we collect from them on 11th September may be incorrect. 

6.3 Direct Debit The DD collection request must be ready for the banks on 3rd September and cannot be changed after this date. The collection date this year is Wednesday 11th September. 

6.4 If DD payers wish to make any changes, they must inform us before Sunday 1st September. 

6.5 Members who wish to change their payment method to Direct Debit must be aware that their collection date will depend on how quickly the mandate can be set up with their bank. The initial set up of a new DD mandate takes longer than using an existing one.


7 Branch Transfers 

7.1 Branch transfers should be avoided until the payment is cleared. This is to avoid changes to the payment plans which may cause errors in calculating outstanding balances and result in: - payments being rejected, - outstanding balances on a member’s record - a card not being dispatched.


8 Paying By Cheque 

8.1 Members paying by cheque must attach the remittance slip to the cheque. Cheques without remittance slips will not be processed as they cannot be matched to a membership number and therefore will be destroyed. Furthermore membership numbers should be written on the back of each cheque to ensure it can be linked to the correct membership account. 

8.2 Please do not send cheques to the Branch or to TRBL Head Office on Borough High Street, London, as there is a risk that they will be classed as anonymous donations to the Poppy Appeal and be processed as such. 

8.3 The address where all the payments (and corresponding documents) must be sent to is:

The Royal British Legion RBL Membership Applications and Payments PO Box 1402 9 The Lakes Northampton NN1 9EX 

8.4 You can use one cheque to pay for all family members if you wish to do so. It is very important to clearly list all members at the back of the cheque and attach remittance slips for each member to avoid any confusion and misallocation of funds. Please also ensure membership numbers are written on the back of the cheque for easy allocation.


9 Payment By Cash Or Cheque At Branch 

9.1 At Eastcote RBL only the above payment methods can be used to renew membership. 

9.2 Payment by Cash or individual Cheque to the Branch is NOT accepted.


Thank you. 

Jeff Duley

Branch Chairman & Membership Secretary

Eastcote Royal British Legion

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