Parades and Ceremonies.

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Parades and Ceremonies.

June 21st 2018

Freedom of the City, HMS Sherwood.

The above took place on the 2nd of June 2018 in Nottingham City at the Council House. The RBL provided a Guard of Honour on the Council House steps in Slab Square. The following standards were in attendance

Jan Williamson            County

Ken Kirk                       Granby

Paul Jackson                Bulwell

Jason Hood                  Warsop

Man’s                          Notts City

Man’s                          Mansfield

John Todd                    CPM.

Ian Bell / Mick Moor CCM

Apart from torrential rain just prior to parade all went well, thanks to the Standards and CPM for a job well done.

Re dedication Southwell Minster.

Service and Parade took place as planned on Sunday the 3rd of June 2018. This went off with a few minor hitches which will be addressed below. There was an increase in Standards paraded but fewer RBL members marching compared to previous years. Apart from this feedback was positive and there was good support from our guests.

However, the main disappointment was the lack of support from county branches. (As stated by Farnsfield) I understand that there will always be a variety of circumstances that preclude members from attending but the turnout was poor. All branches were given a number of months’ notice by e mail not counting the obvious that this is an “Annual” service of rededication. I feel that this issue needs to be addressed by County and then Branches or serious consideration be given to how/ or if the service takes place in future.

Costs of Parade and Service.

Seaforth Highlanders Association (Notts Branch) Pipes and Drums booked at a cost of £250.00. (Invoice paid)

Bugler, Major P Roebuck RHR at a cost of £50.00, (Invoice given to JR)



Further costs will include;

Hire of Radios NSDC, no cost incurred, letter of thanks to Council

Expenses NSART re road closures, no more than £100.00, awaiting invoice

Share of Refreshments approx. £70.00. Although this was an initial estimate this will have increased as it was believed this was within the venue costs but was not.

Hire of Sacrista £45.00 awaiting invoice, includes refreshments.

Cost of Southwell Minster, will include refreshments after service, see above (this is usually covered by collection)

Travel expenses for meetings, NYK

Milk and Juice. NYK

It is hoped that all costs less Minster final invoice should come in at less than the cost of the previous band used.

Regarding the Thankful Villages, confirmation on day of one attending who were very impressed. Nothing from the remaining three however, all were asked and we can do no more

Thanks, need to be given to the following, not in any order, without there assistance the event could not have succeeded.

Andy Gregory, Ian Bell, Steve Carroll, John Todd, Mervyn Witts and Gemma Lenanne . 

Also, thanks to Jan Williamson and Jason Hood our standard bearers for the Union Flag and County Standard. Especially Jason having agreed to take over the role from Richard Byard who could not attend through injury and our lesson readers Pete Hopkins and Adie Platts.

Lessons to learn

War memorial       Untidy, grass not mown

Remedy           Contact Southwell District Council prior to parade and request that it is cut.

Parade. Issue of commands on wrong foot by CPM as I was not actually on the parade I have no knowledge of this but was expressed by a branch attending.

Remedy. Contact of CPM for his views also CCM to see if they were aware, resolve for next Parade

Timings. The parade set off early leading to an excessive wait at the pharmacy on Kings Street (compounded by next issue below). This was not helped by the Standard Bearers remaining at the carry during this wait.

Remedy. Adjust timing of Parade, keep to timings, Standard bearers need to go to Order if there is going to be a wait. Straight forward manoeuvre which takes little time.

Civics / Lord Lieutenant.  These guests were not out of the Sacrista to take their respective places in time for 6 pm. This in turn had a knock-on effect with the Parade (see above).

Remedy. Steward at the Sacrista to be better briefed. Guests need to be at the Saluting Dais by 5.58pm. The Lord Lieutenant needs to be on the dais by 6pm. The role of the steward is to keep the guests informed but also to make them comply to the timings. Nicely.


Saluting Dais. This was offered by Southwell branch but need a team of four to lift. This was not practicable on the day owing to numbers available and that it is placed on the pavement outside the Sacrista at 5.45 pm (Parade taking place at this time). A step was borrowed from the Minster courtesy of AG which worked.

Remedy.  To provide our own small portable dais, agreement by CC to find/ have built within reasonable cost.

Honour Guard at Minster door.   Again, length of time at the carry whilst Lord Lieutenant talked at entrance.

Remedy. CPM to form up the Honour Guard at a distance from the Minster main door to allow orders to be given without interfering with the Lord Lieutenants welcome by the Dean.

Welcome in Minster.   During the welcome by the Dean the congregation were not asked to sit leading to an excessive time standing, bearing in mind age and infirmity.

Remedy.  Check with Minster and ensure that in the Order of Service this is in place and visible.

Union and County   When going to dip from seating area found difficulty owing to LL and Clergy being in way, this was dealt with by stepping to the right.

Remedy.   Ensure that the seats for the Standards are positioned further to the right, facing towards the right side of the Altar, as viewed from the front of the Altar. Check on afternoon of Service and ensure done.

Attendance RBL

As previously stated the overall turnout of Notts RBL members was poor. To try to address this I would suggest that personal invites to the following within a branch with the request for negative replies as with all invites, are sent. With the advent of 365 this should be straight forward: -

Branch President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, together with partners.

This may help.

For further information the Minster had a change of a number of key personnel in the weeks prior to the Service this had an impact on the knowledge available and led to some interesting moments but these were overcome. If the same venue is used in future this should not be a problem but will require whoever is organising the Service to ensure a good liaison and not to assume anything.


Choir Concert 9th June 2018 Nottingham.

This was attended by the County standard and Union flag, we also provided the CPM John Todd to act as Parade Marshal for the event. Numbers attending were lower than expected with few belonging to the RBL but the event went very well.

Thanks to John, Jan and Jason.


Parades and Ceremonies Working Group.

Meeting to be arranged.


Guidance sent to all standard bearers and wreath bearers for GP90 by IB with a requirement to attend a SB training evening to allow for dress assessment. SB assessment seems to be “can they carry it unaided and march a mile there and back.”


Standard Bearers Training.

Standard Bearers Training will continue to take place North of the County. This will be delivered by Mr M WITT on the fourth Thursday in each month running from February to November each year. The venue is St Peters School on Bellamy Road, Mansfield. Timings are from 7 pm until 9 pm.

Standard Bearers Training for the South of the County will be delivered on the first Tuesday of each month from 7pm to 9 pm. The venue is The Methodist Church Hall, Rivergreen / South Church Drive Junction, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 8AU. Owing to injury and Insurance implications training will be taken by John Todd until further notice.

It is felt that if SB’s attend designated training there is no need for further training as it can easily be delivered. There are no repercussions apparently if there is a non-attendance.  However whoever attends GP90 can be refused permission to march if their dress does not conform.

County Positions.

After the last meeting the following have been designated for the following positions and then to operate in support of the current incumbent’s. It was agreed that both posts are appointments of the CC and as such do not need to be advertised.

CPM. Jan Williamson, Jason Hood, Ian Bell.

CSBM. Jan Williamson, Jason Hood.

Enquires in process as to training and shadowing current incumbent’s.



Mick Moor

Chairman P & C Committee.


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