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Press release from the committee of

The Royal British Legion, Christchurch Branch


As most people are aware, the Royal British Legion Club on the ground floor of the Legion building in Bargates, Christchurch sadly closed in July 2017.


The ground floor and the ground floor only is currently being marketed by Ellis and Partners and a “to let” sign will soon be put up outside the building.


The 1st floor Ballroom and the 2nd floor Committee / meeting room remains the property of the Christchurch Branch of The Royal British Legion and both are available for hire. We are pleased to report that bookings of our Ballroom at are at an all-time high and its use is enjoyed by many different groups and societies. The Ballroom is also home to our Members Social Evenings, currently being held on the first Friday of each month.


Any business taking on the lease will have to agree to shared access of the front entrance and foyer, as this provides members and guests with access to the first floor Ballroom and there is a stair chair  lift for those who require it. Negotiations over the use of the car park will also be involved in any parties interested in taking on the lease.


It has taken until now to advertise the ground floor, as there have been a number of issues following the departure of the Club and there has been ongoing maintenance and repairs that have had to be carried out.


The committee of the Branch would like to reassure members, ex-members and the people of Christchurch and surrounding areas that the Legion is still fully operational and providing support, through our Welfare service, to those who require it. We are also involved in events such as Burton Armed Forces and Veterans Day on Sunday 10 June 2018, as well as organising and leading the remembrance events each November and, of course, the Poppy Appeal.


In order for the Branch to continue its good work within the community and to maintain the large and in parts, somewhat dated building, we are reliant on a steady stream of income and leasing the ground floor will help with this no end.


If you or someone you know is interested in leasing the ground floor, then please contact Ellis and Partners on  01202 551821. If you require any further information from the Branch regarding the situation, please leave a message on 01202 485300 and a member of the committee will get back to you as soon as they can.