Armistice Day / Remembrance Sunday

Welcome to the Christchurch Branch of The Royal British Legion

Details for Armistice Day / Remembrance Sunday 2018

Sunday 11 November 2018: Remembrance Day parade then the laying of wreaths and service at Christchurch Priory. Parade will return to the Legion and everyone is welcome in the Ballroom, 1st floor. There will be a cash bar, food / nibbles / snacks and a raffle. 

Please note: The parade leaves from outide the Legion at 09:50 sharp.

"Wear their medals with pride"

The Christchurch Branch of The Royal British Legion invite the children of Christchurch and surrounding districts to........................................

"Wear their medals with pride"

Has a member of your family served in any conflicts / war from today right back to World War 1 ? 

Do you have their medals or can you borrow them?

Find out how they got their medals, their stories etc. then......wear their medals with pride, carry a photo and join our Remembrance Sunday parade and service at The Priory.

For further details or advice, please contact us at The Legion on 01202 485300 (leave a message).

Beacons of Light

The Christchurch Branch of The Royal British Legion and local armed forces associations are working with Christchurch Borough Council, the Priory and other community organisations to commemorate the life and death of those who served in the First World War,

The event is called “Battle’s over – a tribute to the nation” and will take place on Remembrance Sunday, the 11 November 2018 starting at 6.45pm at the Bandstand on Christchurch Quay.

Residents will arrive to candle lit paths on Christchurch Quay leading to the Bandstand, where there will also be a stage and marquee for the choirs and bands.

The programme will be convened by the Reverend Charles Stewart.

The first half will be sombre and reflect the preparation for war and the experience of being at war and end with the Act of Remembrance.

The second half will focus more on the fact that the war came to an end and we now live in relatively peaceful times.

Highcliffe Charity Players and Christchurch Candle Light Singers will join the Royal British Legion and Lighthouse Bands to engage those present with a wide repertoire of music from the period reflecting the newness of life and hope at the end of the War.   


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