The Poppy Appeal in Chonburi Thailand

Poppy Appeal 2016



Our 2016 Poppy Appeal was effected immensely by the sad death of the king of Thailand, all our planned events had to be cancelled including our Poppy Party along with all the smaller events over Remembrancetide.


Micky and dan Thomas with Andy Barraclough

Unlike our UK members we can’t go around rattling the tin on street corners, having said that we still managed to collect in the region of 1.3 Million Baht, a fantastic amount all things considered, a big pat on the back to all those involved.


Micky Thomas looking for Dawn

We noticed a big increase in both money raised and interest shown from International Schools especially in the Bangkok area, we intend to work on that and get more schools involved around Thailand.


Ron Smith and Grieg Ritchie on the Poppy Stall

A BIG thank you to all those involved throughout Thailand, anyone wishing to get involved with the Appeal please contact Ron Smith at

Poppy Shop

Anotyher Event another Poppy Shop, this one run by the girls and Ken Ashbolt





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