Welcome to the Cannes-Provence Branch of The Royal British Legion

This Branch was first established, based in Cannes, in 1924, shortly after the foundation of the British Legion. The need for the Legion, is as great today in the wake of World War II, Korea, the Falklands campaign, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a registered charity established to provide financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served, or are serving, in the British Armed Forces and their dependants.

The Government does not cover all expenses and welfare for needy ex-service people and their families. In recent years the Legion has financed improved treatment facilities for those injured and maimed, a hospital wing, Personnel Recovery Centres and Rest Homes. It provides loans and assistance to ex-service people to start businesses, advice on careers and counselling for those with financial problems and on compensation claims for families. All these activities are financed totally by voluntary contributions. The Legion spends some 100 million Euro each year for the serving and ex-serving community. The Annual Poppy Appeal raises some 40 million euro, the rest comes from members' subscriptions, donations, legacies, sales, investments etc.

Our Branch title was expanded to "Royal British Legion Cannes - Provence Branch" to reflect more accurately the area covered by the Branch's membership and Poppy Appeal collection, following the demise of the old Toulon and Marseille Branches. We are registered as a charitable association under the French law of 1 July 1901. We regard our most important activities as being to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal and to participate with the French authorities and 'Anciens Combattants' at Remembrance Ceremonies throughout the year. Whilst welfare requirements in the branch area are not usually great, we stand ready to advise and assist in case of need.

We have some 43 members at present. It is noteworthy that the Branches in France increased their membership during 2011, whereas the trend in Britain was to decrease.

Anyone can join - you do not have to be ex-military or British. Women and men are equally welcome. Please contact our secretary for details.


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