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Camborne (Cornish: Kammbronn, 'Crooked Hill')
is located in the far west of Cornwall, and was once one of the richest mining
areas in the world.

With a population of approximately 22,500 with a rich industrial and mining

Camborne the Royal British Legion (CtRBL) originated in 1922
RBL Dedication Service 2012 083.jpg
                 2012 Camborne tRBL Branch celebrated their 90th anniversary
RBL Dedication Service 2012 052.jpg
            As part of the celebration CtRBL had a new Branch Standard dedicated
  RBL Dedication Service 2012 028 white.jpg
The Lord Lieutenant played an important role when he charged Camborne Parish Church to "Look After our Old Standard for ever"  (laying up ceremony)
The Lord Lieutenant is the President of the Cornwall Royal British Legion  Colonel Edward Bolitho OBE.


 The Old Contemptibles Association

The Old Contemptibles Association