Woodford Halse

Woodford Halse NN11 3RL

Woodford St . Mary The Virgin 's Church

Above - Woodford's St. Mary the Virgin's church

From Woodford (Woodford-cum-Membris) we remember...      

 1914-1918 George H. Bandey    Walter Baseley      Fred Baseley

                    Arthur Bent             Stanley Bilclough   Albert Braddock

                    Ernest Brooks          William French      John William Hill               

                   Charles Hulme          William Hunt         Thomas Kinch

                   Bertram Marriott       Walter Marriott      Herbert Percival

                   Harry Saunders         George Shenton    Sgt, Albert E. Smith

                   Harold Smith             John Walker         Fred J. Ward (Canada)

                   Elisha Willetts            Harry White         William Johnson

 1939-1945                           John W. Furness

                                                Peter Goode

                                                Dennis R.T. Porter

                                               William S.A. Sansome

                                               Percy Ward

                                               Eric S. Young

                                               Edmund S. Fox

                                               Stanley J. Sheppard

                              Woodford WM 01  Woodford WM 02 Woodford WM 03   

Below - around Woodford Halse...

 Woodford Halse Woodford Halse 02 Woodford Halse 03 Woodford Halse 04 Fleur De Lys                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


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