Eydon NN11 3PW

Eydon's village pump - and stocks...

Eydon Stocks

     From Eydon we remember... 

    1914-1918        H.W. Bull              E. Carpenter       E.F. Cleaver

                              R. Cleaver            A.J. Cherry          E. Colton

                              R. Colton              L.F. Durrant        W. Edden

                              C.J. Fairbrother     F.W. Lines          J.T.M. Lewis

                              W.F.M. Lewis     C.H. Thompson

NB: Messrs. J & W Lewis also appear on a separate memorial with their likeness cast-in. Also photographs of Messrs. Bull, the Cleavers, Edden, Fairbrother and Thompson are displayed in the Village Hall.

     1939-1945        R.J. Brand            F.T.R. Hannis      J.J. O’Loughlin

                              F. Rogers


Eydon          Eydon - Royal Oak 2  The village pub 

Eydon Church Of St Nicholas      Standard Laid -up (1)  St. Nicholas' Church & Eydon's RBL Standard, laid-up now that Eydon Branch has merged with Byfield & District RBL.

Eydon's War Memorial is situated in a separate burial ground a few hundred yards from their church...

    Eydon WM 1 Eydon WM 2 Eydon WM 3 Eydon WM 4  

Eydon VH Photos 1 (1)


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