Catesby & Lower Catesby

Upper Catesby NN11 6LE & Lower Catesby NN11 6LF


      From Catesby we remember...

     Daniel Bird                        Jessie Bird

     Frederick Broomfield         Jacob Obadiah Bowhill

     Arthur Chandler                Horace Clark

     James Cottle                     John Crump

     Robert Dodson                 William Franklin

     Christopher Hatherell       Sydney Heckrith

     William Jester                   Donold Liddell

     Luther Lord                      Frank Mills

     Percy Nicholls                   Harry Parsons

     Donald Robson                George A Texbhorough

     Herbert Wells                   Frederick Wells (RoH)

Catesby's memorial to the fallen listed above is inside their church

below - Catesby's church of St. Mary & St. Edmund and its "gate guardians" resting nearby

                                       Catesby St . Mary & St . Edmund 's Church  Catesby Church 's Gate Guardian                                                                                                   

Lower Catesby

Lower Catesby   

Catesby centre - Upper Catesby

 Upper Catesby


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