Woodford Halse

Woodford Halse

Woodford Halse CofE Primary Academy

Mason Pitch’s “Soldier” – the original was handwritten, illustrated with a border of poppies.

The soldier fights for the people

The soldier fights for good

The soldier fights against evil

Evil fights against the soldier

Good fights with the soldier

The people help the soldier

The soldier fights for politicians

The soldier fights for his country

The soldier fights for his religion

The politicians send him off to war

The country supports his strength

His religion holds him back


Woodford Year 2  - Victoria Orsulak’s “P O P P Y” - handwritten

Poppies remind me of my nannies and granddads that are dead

On the field you can see red poppies with black bits inside them

Poppys grow on Flanders’ fields

Poppies are beautiful, and red



Woodford Year 3  - Amelia Wilk’s “I’m really sad” – handwritten and decorated with a big red poppy.

I’m really sad about all the people in the war

They gave up their lives to save our lives

I feel sad, pleased, worried and upset

I wish I could say “thank you” to God

And all those people who died


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