Aston Le Walls

Aston Le Walls

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Chloe Grace Olivia Paynton’s “My Poppy” – the original was handwritten, decorated by hand drawn poppies.

My mum gave me a poppy, which she pinned to my top

It was beautiful, and red, and I liked it a lot

“Mummy”, I said, “I love my poppy but what am I wearing it for?”

It’s special” she said, “to remember the people that fought in the war".

SO today I am wearing my poppy, with pride

As I remember all those who sadly died


St. Mary’s Reception Year (years 1 & 2) - Alex Bogdon’s “A Little Poppy” – handwritten.

I have seen people selling poppies

Selling poppies in shops today

The poppies are flowers of love

For the men who marched away

I will wear a little poppy, as red as red can be

To remember those who died for me


St. Mary’s Year 3Kiya Tustain’s “Remembrance” – handwritten, decorated by hand drawn poppies.

Bombing, exploding, invading armies, people shrieking

People protecting, saving, and dying

Men crying


Everlasting love and peace

Poppies growing


Fighting for their own right

Families perishing, hiding, fleeing, homes destroyed

Loud banging


Many fought

New beginnings


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