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"Mexico" Barque

This was copied from a wall of a pub in Ainsdale-on-Sea, just south of Southport in the very late '70's of last century...


"Mexico", Barque

Listen without to the westerly wind

      does it whisper and gently sigh?

      Or rage and roar, shaking the door

      demanding that seafarers die…


    On such a night in the distant past,

        as surf raced high up the beach

        “Mexico”,   barque, on a bank was fast

        no port that night would she reach


    Three lifeboats to her aid were sent

      by fisherman manned with good intent.

      One boat returned her crew to save

      the others would drown in a watery grave


    Father and son, brothers too

      perished that night in the lifeboats’ crew

      seven and twenty, died they in vain?

      Question it not, they would do it again.


by Corncrake Williams


This is based on a true story: on December ninth, 1886, Southport, Lytham and St. Anne’s lifeboats were launched to the aid of the “Mexico”.  Southport and St. Anne’s crews perished off the beach.  The Lytham lifeboat saved her own, and “Mexico’s” crew.