I Remember

I Remember

 by Emily Jay

a Student at Woodford School, Woodford Halse.

(For remembrance Sunday)


I remember today - In Mournful sorrow

Dead Soldiers, their souls set free

The Poppy I wear, is all I have left

Of the Soldiers of old age


I remember them today


I see today, the swaying poppies,

A field of deathly silence

Gruelling battles they fought, only leaving a flower.

I feel inadequate, as those Soldiers fought for me.


I remember them today


I've heard of bravery, certainly, of course...

Those who do what they do for someone.

But not like them, they stood for us.

A great many thanks to them.


I remember them today


They deserve to rest in peace

This is their day

They were dedicated to saving us

Thanks to them.


I remember them today.

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