poppy field

Byfield & District Branch in rural SW Northants. UK

A Soldier in Etaples War Cemetery

by Bethany Fergusson,

a Student at

St. Mary's Cathooic Primary School, Aston le Walls.


As I looked at his grave stone today

I think, Why did he have to pay?

He was out there, fighting, trying to save,

And now today, I look at his grave.


He was my brother!


I did not bring him up that way,

I taught him how to share and play.

But then he went and joined the force.

I cried for him, but he’s dead of course.


He was my son!


He was my loved one, we were together

I only hoped it would be forever.

He went away on our wedding day

And with his life he went to pay.


He was my husband!


He came to me, a lad of 18,

I built him up to be a fighting machine.

He was fearless, strong and brave,

But that did not save him from his grave.


He was a Valiant soldier!


They were brave to go and fight for their land

Though many perished in the sand.

They went to fight on my decree

Though their homeland they’d never see.


I am a politician!


I went to war, they said it was cool,

Who’d have thought I was the fool!

They didn’t go. They didn’t see,

The blood, the horror, the misery.


Now I’m in Étaples hospital tent

My legs blown to pieces, my body all bent,

I wonder as I’m dying across the sea,



I am a soldier in the Étaples War Cemetery!