2016 RAF Cosford

2016 RAF Cosford

In May 2016 there was a visit to RAF Cosford's museum, this first picture below shows an AVRoe "York" - plus a Douglas "Dakota" and a Gloucester "Javelin" "flying" over some kind of tank... In the background that might be a Handley Page Hastings - but memory plays tricks sometimes!

 York Dakota Javelin (1)

 Below... The incredible BAC TSR2


 The suicidal Yokosuka MXY7 "Ohka" manned rocket missile

Yokosuka MXY7 'Ohka'

 and the dear old Hawker Siddley "Nimrod" maritime reconnaisance development of the deHavilland "Comet" 

Hawker Siddley 'Nimrod'

Youngsters are reminded that the deHaviland "Comet" was THE FIRST commercial jet airliner in the world. "Comet" first flew in 1949 and was developed entirely in Great Britain; several airlines of various nationalities operated them up to the 1970's, with the last military example leaving the RAF in 1975. However its derivative "Nimrod" was finally retired in 2010.


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