2016 Quiz

2016 Quiz

The Teams in a great hubub during one of the intervals; the bar is open (top left) as is the servery to its right, where bacon butties are being served in abundance.The Teams

Karin And Shaun (1)


Karin, our arithmetical artiste at work, with her husband Shaun in the background (of this picture) calling the questions.



Shaun Totting -up

On the right, Shaun is announcing the team positions.

The image on the screen is of the Battle Back Centre, the main recipient of the procedes of our quiz.


Below, the winning team, "The French Connection" in a line-up after receiving their liquid prizes from the Boss, Russ, who is on the right. With 168 points, a dozen ahead of their main rivals "The Flappers and Philosophers", this year there was no confusion about who won.

Winners 'The French Connection'

Below, the last of the butties... Grateful thanks to Rachel & Kelly of the Byfield PTA who served those up this year.

PTA Servery

 See Events Past - Quizs that was for our report on the 2016 quiz.


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