October '19 Extraordinary

October '19 - Extraordinary

Minutes of the Extraordinary Committee Meeting held on 9th October 2019 at Joy's

A. Chairman’s Opening Remarks: Normally, Russ would make the arrangements discussed at this meeting but due to his illness, it is necessary for us to ensure that what he would otherwise have done has been completed

B. Remembrance Services: 

B.1 Friday 8th November:

B.1.1 Rev Stevie will talk to Byfield’s school children beforehand.

B.1.2 Alison will transport Peter our bugler to arrive at the Memorial for 9.30 am.

B.1.3 The school will arrive at the Memorial by 9.30 am and line up along the footpath.   

B.1.4 The name on each cross will be read as it is given to the child.

The position for planting each cross will be supervised by an RBL Member. Once the cross is planted the child will continue in the same direction back to the line-up. Should Fred be indisposed, Terry will read the names.  

B.1.5  As one cross is planted, the name on the next cross will be read and handed to the next child.

B.1.6  The order of service will be:   Prayers led by Rev Stevie

                                                           Brief explanation of the Last Post, Exhortation, and Kohima Epitaph by Terry

                                                           Last Post, with Rev Stevie being prepared to play a recording if Peter is absent

                                                           They shall grow not old ……

                                                           One Minutes Silence

                                                           Kohima Epitaph


                                                           Closing Prayer

                                                           Thank you to School

A similar service for Boddington’s schoolchildren will be conducted at Boddington’s Memorial at 11. am. Rev. Stevie will conduct the service, which is usually arranged by Sandra and/or Graham. Alan and/or Terry will attend.

Peter will not be there. 

B.2 Sunday 10th November:

B.2.1 The church service at Byfield’s Holy Cross Church will start at 10 am and aim to finish by 10.40 am, with the service following last year’s format. Rev Stevie will arrange for the younger members of the parade to be seated in the front pews of the nave so that they have a better view of the service. RBL members will be seated immediately behind the wreath bearers, who will be seated behind the youngsters. Prayers will be read alternately by Joy and Alan.

B.2.2 Byfield War Memorial. The order of service will be reprinted without the opening hymn. Terry will act as Master of Ceremonies and welcome everyone. Wreath bearers will form up along the path, RBL first, Church next and then the Parish Council and others. The Act of Remembrance will take place, with Rev. Stevie bringing a recording of the Last Post and the Reveille should our bugler Peter be indisposed. Alison will transport Peter to the Memorial from his house in Westhorpe Lane to be at the Memorial by 10.40 am  

B.2.3 The order of service will be:   Prayers led by Rev Stevie

                                                           Last Post

                                                           They shall grow not old ……

                                                           Two Minutes Silence

                                                           Kohima Epitaph


                                                           Closing Prayer

                                                           Dismiss, thanking all those present.

B.2.4 Refreshments will be available in the Village Hall. Alan Will book the hall and arrange for ladies to serve them.

B.3 Other Services:

Aston-le-Walls, Boddington, Culworth, Eydon and Woodford Halse are all at 10.15am. Chipping Warden’s will be at 10 am. Moreton Pinkney's will be at 9.30 am.

C. Quiz Friday 29th November:

C.1 Actions outstanding:

C.1.1 Posters  - Terry – example for approval at the end of this document.

C.1.2 Questions  - Terry and Alan to develop together. Byfield PC's Angela has some available should we need them.

C.1.3 Prepare slides for questions – Terry

C.1.4 Marking - swap with adjacent table

C.1.5 Pens for each table – Vernon to contact County Office

Secretary’s Note: Neither County Office nor our County Fundraiser has any pen or pencil frebies. We will therefore give-out pencils and sharpeners from the school’s poppy packs remaining from this year’s fêtes.

D. Christmas Dinner:

D.1 It was agreed that the Plough at Boddington be approached for a sample menu. 

Secretary’s Note: This has been obtained and the Plough has offered to allow us to select one, two, three or four items from their set menu, and has given prices for the same. They can accommodate 20 to 30 people in one room, which needs to be booked in advance. Food also needs to be pre-ordered unless they wish to choose from the Plough’s standard menu that evening, which will also be available but service for non-pre-ordered items may be delayed; if that is the case, patron’s patience is requested. 

D.2 Other options within our District include the Carpenter’s Arms, Lower Boddington (menu not yet available), The Red Lion in Hellidon and the Fox & Hounds in Charwelton. Other venues inside our district don’t have enough room for our usual party to all be seated together.

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