July '19

July '19

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 26th June 2019 at Russ’s place, Byfield & those of the Branch Meeting in Byfield Village Hall’s Meeting Room on Monday 01/07/19

A. CHAIRMANS OPENING REMARKS: At the Monday 1st July Meeting, Russ Russ welcomed Helen Carter, a representative of a new scheme called Byfield Good Neighbours. She explained that volunteers would be sought capable of helping across a wide range of areas such as transport, shopping, gardening, carrying out small repairs and providing companionship when needed. A drop in Session will be held in the new school hall on Friday 6th September between 7 and 9 pm. The scheme will be launched in October. Russ then explained that he was giving this evening’s talk, on his experiences with the Royal Navy’s first jet night fighter, the “Sea Venom”.

B. MATTERS ARISING from previous Meeting’s Minutes:

B.1 RSA Templeton - Our NZ twin: We haven’t heard a peep from “Down-under” this period.

B.2 Fêtes: Woodford Music Festival 7th June & Aston-le-Walls Churches’ Fête, 22nd June: Both were successful; Woodford raised £98.70 & Aston £58.50 for the Poppy Appeal, with half a dozen prospective new members saying they “might” join us – Terry is following those up, see G below.

In the future, any cash collected at fêtes etc. will be used to offset expenditure on the gazebo and publicity. It was agreed that Branch funds would be used to pay for the three new banners purchased from Elite Designs of Byfield.

The large banners describing "Where the money goes" used in the Gazebo at Aston (drawing very good comments from the public) were on the table at this meeting for the benefit of members who were not at the fete. Those banners will be used at all future events.

Byfield PTA Fête, Byfield School's playground NN11 6US 20th July: Terry has obtained a number of Moon rocket items from the National Space Centre in Leicester for our display, and suggested that we ask the children visiting the fête to bring their parents along to receive a numbered ticket; Alison will bring “raffle” tickets for that purpose. At a set time towards the end of play, numbers will be drawn from a hat and the winners will be able to select one of those Moon Rocket items to take home.

Laurie will develop a display on the theme of ‘what flying to the moon has given us' – e.g. Teflon and Velcro (Velcro?)

Set up will be from 10 am Saturday, with the festivities starting at noon. Another pair of hands are needed to help Terry for this. John R. will provide a table "over his garden wall". Manning the gazebo during the session will be Alison, Alan and Terry, with Vernon assisting.

Some coordination is necessary to ensure personnel will be available to set up our Barbecue on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Sept 1st Eydon (Sports Field NN11 3PW): Via Alan Watson, Terry has made contact with Angus Richards, who has confirmed we will be welcomed at the Eydon fête. They will reserve a pitch for us and we can set-up Sunday morning (before 11am).

Sept 14th & 15th  Boddington Vintage Association Working Weekend NN11 6DJ (just west of their Village Hall): Arrangements to be finalised nearer the time.

B.3 BBQAs previously recorded, this will once again be held at Joy's in Woodford. Entrance will be £10/head (as before); BUT bring your own drinks. Set-up will be from 10.30 Saturday 20th morning, with final touches on the day (21st). Laurie and five others will help with the set-up and will provide transport for tables in his 4x4. Chairs are sought (bring your own?) Salads and puds are needed. Russ also needs to know how many non RBL members they will be bringing so that he can decide how many others he can invite. Raffle prizes are also needed. Alison is organizing the raffle, as usual. Please deliver to Alison or tell her if you are bringing something on the day.

B.4 Byfield and District Branch History: Nothing further has been found about the origins of the Branch, but it was suggested that Colin make a video of a ‘round robin’ of each of the Memorials in the district which could be shown at one of our Branch meetings, with the relevant people from the other villages invited in the hope it could stir some memories. In preparation for this, the memorials will need cleaning; Russ will speak to each of the Councils about doing this. It was agreed that all the memorials should display wreathes for the filming.

B.4.1 Alan has an entry pass for the County Record Office so will arrange to visit to check the records for 1921 onwards.

B.5 Branch officer Seminar: There were no further comments on the poor attendance.

B.6 Membership Forum at Annual Conference: There were no observations made on the Question and Answer session.

BB NEW MATTERS: Terry expressed concern that while the Daventry Pop In Centre, being new, is in the public’s eye, but should attendance fall off, the County Welfare Officer may decide it is not worth keeping open. Should this be the case, we will need to keep in contact with the Daventry Branch so that our Web site can be updated.


C.1 Armed Forces Day: This has been commemorated in many of the towns in Northamptonshire over the weekend of 29th and 30th June. Chris was advised of each.

C.2 Training Courses: County have advised of two courses throughout the summer:  17th August – Recruitment Advisor and 28th September  - Branch Management; Terry will attend the Recruitment one in August.

D. FINANCE: David reported prior to the meeting with figures showing all was well.


E.1 Welfare visiting for the over 90’s: With only three members in this category, it was agreed that it be extended to the over 80’s. Terry will produce a list; It was agreed that contact would be best made by someone local or who is known to them, and that this would be feasible in Byfield, Woodford, Eydon and Chipping Warden. Russ will develop guidelines on how best to make contact, for example, by phone or letter, rather than cold calling. Allocation of names of members who will make those contacts would be made at a future meeting. 

E.2 Russ said he plans to issue an annual newsletter.

E.3 There were no visits made during the last month.

F. POPPY APPEAL: John R. reported that the collections for our district for 2018/2019 were now in excess of £13,200 ??? The “books” for that appeal will remain “open” until September. He also said it was now the usual time to order for this year but had not yet received the paperwork to do so. He added that based on the success all year round boxes we're having, he would now try to get these in all the pubs in the District.

G. MEMBERSHIP: Following the Woodford and Aston events (see B.2 previously herein), there are now six prospective new members, plus one in Cropredy (Oxfordshire), who may be willing to transfer from Banbury to us. Terry will be following those up. Membership currently stands at 71

H. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Terry suggested we run another competition for the children of the district's schools. It was agreed this would be to design a Christmas card. Bob suggested we select the best from each school, print them in quantity and make-up packs with all those inserted, for sale. The theme would be a "British Legion" Christmas card. Terry will approach all the Head Teachers to see if they are willing to support this.

H.1 It was briefly suggested that a visit be made to the Coventry air Museum later this year. This will be discussed at the next meeting.  


J.1 Branch: Monday 1st July in Byfield Village Hall (7.30 in The Cross Tree if you wish).

J.2 Committee: Wednesday 31st July, Russ’s place.

J.3 Lunch: Wednesday 31st July, 1230 The Griffin Inn, Chipping Warden OX17 1LB

Flag Flying Days in July & August:

17th  July:        Birthday, Duchess of Cornwall

15th  August:   Birthday, The Princess Royal

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