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Byfield & District's fund raising quizzes in years gone by

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The Quiz in nineteen was a challenge, our leader of many years Russ passed away just before and it was he who usually championed our quiz. However we had to try to emulate his previous successes and we believe we put up a good show. There's a full report on our Sub page to this page, suffice to say here, it was a good turn-out and we think Russ would have been pleased.


Despite rival functions nearby, and a big bash the week before, our 2018 quiz was well attended, indeed, it turned out to be a record for people having a good time, raffle prizes and profit for our fund that supports Battle Back and Galanos House.


In 2017, the shift from Saturday to Friday evening for our quiz was a good decision because sevens were now in vogue with more than seventy contestants occupying nineteen tables set for four. This year, as last it dawned crisp and clear, with wall-to-wall sunshine all day encouraging a healthy turn-out on that cold and frosty evening. Inside it was all warmth and increasing merriment, as old rivalries reared and the evening progressed with questions becoming more challenging; has anyone heard of a "Jack fruit", or an "Atemoya" let alone seen one?


Twenty sixteen's quiz was a lively affair and was held after dark on Saturday 26th November. Thankfully this year was more conducive to coming than last; a sunny autumn afternoon, even if it was tempered by a keen NE'ly gave way to a calm evening. With sixes in mind, over sixty people attended Byfield Village Hall making-up sixteen teams in contention for points - and in true "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue" fashion - POINTS MEANT PRIZES. The real prize was this year's profit, £566.27, well done all. See sub page "The Quiz of 2016" for a report.


The year before (2015) our quiz took place on the stormy night of 28th November. The profit for the evening was only £283 so we resolved that NEXT YEAR we "MUST DO BETTER"... As in 2014, the monies made during the evening went towards our annual donation to the Legion's "Battleback Centre" benefitting service personnel disabled in recent conflicts.


In 2014 our Christmas quiz was held in Byfield Village Hall on Saturday evening, 29th November. It secured more than four hundred pounds for our contribution to the Legion's "Battleback Centre". All 20 tables were “sold” each populated by teams of four participants.

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