Woodford Festival '19

Woodford Music Festival -June 2019

This week was the 75th anniversary of the "D-Day" landings in 1944 - and the weather did its best to act accordingly! On the morning of Saturday the 8th June '19 it emulated that experienced on the 13th day after the 1944 invasion that destroyed one of those wonderful Mulberry Harbours that supported those landings.

Lowering clouds and rain, driven horizontal by a brisk north westerly wind greeted us when we arrived at Woodford Halse's Sports & Community Club to set-up to attend their 2019 Music Festival; it was a baptism by storm for our brand new gazebo. We took shelter to looard of a large caravan selling multi-coloured soft drinks in strangely shaped receptacles just upwind of our pitch (see arrow on photo below). The gazebo roof and frame was up in no time, thanks to some local muscle (unfortunately none of them members, or prospective members) but the sides took longer, being handled by just Joy, Russ Colin and me. Once those were installed though, and, as we were also snuggled-up to the bar tent just to the east of us, we were quite cosy in our new temporary "office". The walls weren't right somehow, as we couldn't get them to zip together (in the 3rd photo below you can see the gap at the back) but they were secure and under the circumstances, we left them the way they were; we'll get it right next time (Aston-le-Walls on the 22nd). Chris arrived middle-day and we agreed a shift rota; Chris and I took first stint being relieved by Russ and Joy middle afternoon. Colin and I did the evening watch and that division of labour worked well.


There were six bands performing between noon and the end of the day not a hundred yards from us and boy, were they LOUD (but at least that drowned-out the steady roar of the bar's portable gennie). I remember when I was a kid and rock n'roll was the rage; my parents weren't fans. Now I know what they went through with my Dansette playing 45's at full chat in my bedroom!

The rain eased by mid afternoon and the wind moderated, so everyone there seemed to be having a good time. As for us, we hooked two prospective new Members and due to the generosity of the Woodfordonions and their guests, took away a poppy box stuffed to the brim with legal tender. A day well spent.

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