BBQs consumed

BBQs consumed

2019? Yes, another year and once again our annual BBQ took place in Joy's beautiful garden in Woodford Halse. Set-up was on Saturday morning but as this conflicted with Byfield School's "LAUNCH", we didn't have an on the spot reporter. However it seemed the erections fell to the usual few, without whom, none of this would be possible, although I believe we are indebted to the Byfield Bowls Club for tables and their transportation; thanks to them for their help.


Tim & Lynn did some superb cheffing as usual. In this BBQ season one gets to sample the efforts of many a budding BBQ cook but none can surpass Tim & Lynn. They seem to be able to judge when the meat is done to a turn and then serve it up sizzling to the waiting connoisseurs. AND in this enlightened age, there WAS hot veggie stuff too. Speaking of veggies, the donated salads were many, adventurous and fresh, thanks to those who contributed. Thanks also to those who provided raffle prizes. Despite it looking a little meagure earlier in the week, our raffle table was reasonably stocked on the day and very well managed, with Laurie and Alison in charge of operations.


And the PUDs? The last image above tells that tale. Most were home made by a number of those who also attended but they were enjoyed by all. Speaking of joy, it is probable that we won't be able to take advantage of Joy and her garden next year because she has put the wheels in motion to downsize. If anyone has a suitable venue in mind for next year, we would love to hear from you.

We can't leave this report without thanking Russ for the organisation of it all. In turn Russ was making his "thank you" speech just as a little low-winged and very noisy monoplane arrived to circle overhead! So for anyone who missed it, we do appreciate your support, which made us over four hundred quid for our good causes.

2018 - And on the 31st day (since we have seen any form of precipitation), the ground was dampened by a little shower… But the 2018 summer continued and blessed our annual BBQ with dry, warm 250C weather with plenty of breaks in the cloud; the odd thermal taking-off provided a welcome breeze. Whilst on the subject of weather, in case anyone’s interested, over the past 100 days, we've only had two days (back in April) when any significant rain was seen, although there were half a dozen other days which provided a few showers, and an excuse not to water the plants; 36 of those 100 days have been “wall to wall” sunshine, blue skies and astronomer’s evenings – a summer indeed.

Photo 0332 Photo 0335 Photo 0340 Photo 0341

Back to the BBQ. The set-up on Saturday went well with a team of a dozen, Legionnaires and Joy’s family and friends, pulling together in her garden. With a good forecast, the marquee and that big gazebo (the "Megazbo"), were placed for shade rather than shelter, and once the “little problem” of the gas bottle for the BBQ had been sorted, thanks to Laurie, all was ready for Sunday (22nd July’s) festivities. 

The event was well attended, with our Members and their guests being rewarded by another excellent BBQ with Tim & Lynn doing the cooking again. Local sourced meat and salads of varying kinds were complimented by home made deserts to suit all palates. The photographs below say it all – the empty seats by the way are of those queueing at the serving table!

Tables Set Cooktent  Cooks Salads Deserts Serving All Assembled Raffle Table (2) 

As can be seen from the last image, there were enough prizes on the raffle table to attract plenty of participation. As previously, the profits from this event will be donated to our primary beneficiary, the Battle Back Centre over in Lilleshall, Shropshire; we'll publish that amount after all the bills are settled.

As for all the BBQs reported thus far herein, many thanks are due once again to our Chairman, Russ for its smooth organisation and to his band of willing helpers for setting-up and breaking down; and to those who provided home made salads and puds, and in particular to our Vice Chair Joy and her family for her cooking contributions and for the use of her beautiful garden, which, as can be seen from the photos, is feeling the effect of this long hot summer. We shouldn't forget those who loaned all the bits and pieces that make up such a "do", tables from Byfield church, the marquee from Byfield Scouts, and chairs, cutlery, crockery etc. from various Members, and the megazbo, and its little friend over the cookshop.

More snaps can be viewed on our Photo Gallery page herein.

Summer of Seventeen Barbecue

Once more at Joy's place in Woodford Halse the Byfield & District's annual BBQ was set-up on Saturday by our usual volunteers (why is it the same old gang always do that?) The forecast wasn't good and the summer thus far fairly typical of Middle England suggested we might have to contend with stormy weather - but that was the forecast from that multi-million pound machine way out west, which, we have found, is subject to some interpretation. We decided to interpret the forecast as "sunshine and showers" and were prepared for the latter BUT on Sunday 23rd July, it stayed dry even though sharp showers punctuated the afternoon elsewhere around the region. As you can see from the images below, we were a well fed bunch, thanks to Tim & Lynn again... AND a big thanks to Chris L who has donated that big gas BBQ Tim is cooking on to our Branch.

Gazebos Galore Food Table Food Table 2 The Gathering Chefs

Raffle Table

This was a better year, with better attendance, a dozen more than last year and a better nett take, £400. The raffle assisted the proceeds; a generous supply of donated prizes helped with that.



The 2016 BBQ

Setting-up on Saturday... In Woodford Halse. Taking advantage of Joy's courageous offer, we were able to follow our policy of organising events in other parts of our District.

    The Megazbo emerges                   The great erection

The Megazbo   The Great Erection

The Table DanceHaving erected the great Megazbo we then had The table dance.

Saturday 6th August was a glorious day to set all this up. After some shifting, juggling and rearrangement (the table dance) the optimum layout was organised.

Hopefully the Megazbo will be needed for shade rather than shelter. AND SO IT TURNED OUT the following day...

Sunday the seventh was a lovely, warm English summer's day. Numbers were a little disappointing, probably because we clashed with other events around and about but that's summer village life. However due to people's generosity we exceeded last year's take, and that's what its all about.

Chefs At Work        Self Serving Table

There were lamb-burgers, chicken, pork sausages and something hot for the veggies. There were various salads and assorted sweets brought along by the visitors, as was a variety of refreshing drinks. A raffle was run and there was a plethora of prizes, conversation flowed easily and everyone was jolly.

Under The Megazbo A Toast Some Of The Assembled Company (1)We were extremely grateful to Tim and Lynn, who yet again cooked the locally sourced meat to perfection, to Joy for the loan of her very pretty and beautifully manicured garden and of course to Russ, who as usual, organised the whole thing, whipped-up the volunteers for the erections and post event clean-up, and collected & counted the cash.


BBQ in 2015 - The wet one

This year as last, our summer BBQ was held in our Chairman’s little cottage, and  for the RBL on the 26th July '15 raised £266 (26th July, 266 quid, howzat?) It was a very "up close and personal" event; it poured with rain all afternoon! That meant the garden was awash and everyone gathered inside, which was very cosy and convivial. Luckily a large gazebo kept the rain off the BBQ thingy and braving the elements, Tim and Lynn Williams once again cooked-up an excellent and very welcome hot repast (with sausages to die for). Members produced and or brought along sumptuous salads and delicious deserts, the correct adjectives being applied here proven by the lack of waste. The image below is of course not of this year's BBQ but of that event in 2014 when the weather was clement and the temperature kind.

Byfield RBL BBQ 2014

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