a GRAND BINGO evening (in more ways than one)

A good example of an English village's fundraising efforts


Bingo Thanks

We had a FULL HOUSE for Angie's Bingo session in Byfield's Village Hall on the evening of Friday 23rd March 2018. It was a real family night out, with all ages represented; your editor counted (several times) and came-up just short of one hundred participants.

      Room 1 Room 2 Room 3Cecil of Byfield did the calling, Laurie collected winning entries for Angie to check with Cecil and Russ delivered the prizes. At the back Margaret, and Shirley from Woodford ran the raffle and behind them Sas, Linda, Ann and Meriel provided, tea, coffee, biscuits, crisps and juice from the kitchen. The refreshements were covered by donations, which also proved munificent.

                          Prize Table 1     Prize Table 2                            As can be seen from the images above there was an abundance of prizes, both for winning lines and a Full House, all laid-out on the long table under the magic random number selector. Draws were covered by draws, of playing cards - highest card won, losers gained a booby. Cecil's calls precipitated audience participation incuding coughing & spluttering (for 9) whistles, knocking and quacks but in these politically correct times, no mention of two fat ladies - unless "wobble wobble" counts instead.

          Raffle Table 1   Raffle Table 2 (2)            Then there was the raffle, which not only included chocolates, bottles of stimulants to body, brain and general wellbeing, and of course, cuddley toys...

                             Raffle Table 3a   But also some quirky items too!  Raffle Table 3b

The main beneficiaries of our fund raising activities are The Battle Back Centre up in Shropshire and Galanos House over in Southam. The Poppy Appeal is our main source of contribution to the Royal British Legion itself, whose beneficiaries can be seen from this Web site's Branch Community Support (Welfare) page.         







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