BIG Poppy


Unfortunately not! Mind you, previously the kids of the schools in Sefton, Merseyside had their gathering of nearly 6,000 youngsters, teachers and parents forming a poppy on Formby beach rejected, so I guess we weren't holding our breath.

The Southam Poppy

Byfield RBL added to the 2,600(ish) people forming-up on Southam College's playing field on 13/07/17 to make this happen.

Green Stems Get Ready Wrist Bands Count (1) Green Stems Form Up  Green Stems Formed Up

We were part of the green stem and here we are getting ready and forming-up. We were all given ponchos; green for the stem (which was us) and the leaf, red for the flower and black for the centre of the poppy. Counting was done using numbered wrist bands. Those bands were checked as we went on to the marked out field, and handed back in as we left the field. A drone videoed us for 5 minutes to record the procedings for posterity.

HOWEVER despite excellent organisation and a very careful count, The Guinness Book of World Records rejected us on a technicality; apparently, from a couple of angles the aerial photography showed-up some "holes"... Can you spot one of those in the picture above?

The event was organised by the RBL Riders' Branch in cooperation with and celebration of the 50th anniversary of Galanos House, one of the RBL’s care homes.

In recognition, we were pleased to receive the letter reproduced below...

Thanks From Galanos Ho


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