Buntingford Branch

The Poppy Appeal in Buntingford

2017-18 Appeal Year

We have now started upon another Poppy Appeal year and are striving to collect as much as possible for the Charity. Please give generously. So far we have collected £9,100.00 from the Buntingford district, a phenomenal amount.

2016-17 Appeal Year

This had been our greatest year, having collected £11,072.38 (to 30th September 2017) for the Poppy Appeal from the combined Buntingford and Puckeridge-Standon district. The Branch must thank all the people who donated so generously.

2015-16 Appeal Year

We collected the amazing amount of £10,842.67 (to the end of September 2016) for the Poppy Appeal within the Buntingford and Puckeridge-Standon localities. This is a truely wonderful amount and we must sincerely thank all the generous people who donated.

2014-15 Appeal Year

The Branch wish to thank everybody who generously donated to make this year our best ever. Together we have raised the fanatastic total of £8,646.56 (to 30th September 2015). A HUGE thank you to the kind people of Buntingford.  

2013-14 Appeal Year

For this Poppy Appeal year, Buntingford Branch raised £6,205.35 (to end of September 2014). The year's collection was slightly lower than that of the previous year's magnificient total. But a very big Thank You to the generous people of Buntingford.

2012-13 Appeal Year 

Buntingford Branch has shown its fundraising skills by once again improving on its previous Poppy Appeal total. For 2012/2013 we collected £6,951.76 passing the previous year's final figure.

So well done everybody, and a big Thank You to all the people of Buntingford who have been so generous yet again.

Poppy People

Anyone interested in helping in the next Poppy Appeal or Fund Raising for The Royal British Legion should contact our Poppy Appeal Coordinator David Lewis by email: fourtsmalljobs@gmail.com or call 01763 273746 or 07541 358915.

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