NATO Memorial Frethun

NATO Memorial Frethun


The Memorial was inaugurated on 25th February 2012 in the presence of National Representatives from France, Consular and Military representatives from NATO member countries, and the families of victims who fell whilst serving on a NATO mission. Also in attendance were associations such as Souvenir Français, Associations from Belgium who are members of the Royal Entente in Belgium, and representatives of the United Kingdom charity organisation Help for Heroes.


The NATO Memorial is for the remembrance all those soldiers who have sacrificed their lives whilst serving under the banner of NATO, it also permits their families, friends and supporters to gather and offer their prayers and thoughts of their loved ones who have died in the line of preserving peace all over the world.


The Memorial is also dedicated to preserve the memory of those who have fallen and to encourage and involve new generations to promote the duty of Remembrance both at European and International level.

To find out a little more about the history behind NATO Memorial please take a look at the following article by Marie-­Pierre Williams, NATO Memorial British Liaison

NATO Memorial Document



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